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For The Second Time, A Planned Meeting Is Canceled Between Mexico’s & USA’s Presidents’

The Mexican President, Enrique Peña Nieto has canceled his meeting with the American President Donald Trump following a heated exchange over a phone call between the two dignitaries. The rigid stance of President Trump’s Administration on the border wall between Mexico and the States led to the fiery conversation, following which Nieto had officially declared he canceled his visit to Washington.

Trump had earlier set forth a motion to ‘build a great wall’, saying that ‘nobody builds walls better than me, believe me, and I build them very inexpensively.’ The multi-billion-dollar fence would be enough to halt the illegal cross-border movement. The 1900 miles border covers all kinds of terrain; therefore, the wall would not be more than 1000 miles.  Not just this, Trump had promised the public to force the neighboring country to fund the construction of the wall.

Trump’s obstinacy to stick to his plan of building an “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, beautiful, southern border wall” was the highlight of the phone conversation between the two leaders which took place on Tuesday this week. The main reason behind the testy call was that neither of the leaders backed away from their stance, as Nieto wanted Trump to publicly affirm that Mexico will not be paying for the fortification of the border, which Trump denied blatantly.

The Mexican President made his stance clear that his country will not pay a single penny for the construction of a stupid wall – which would extend to roughly 1000 miles according to Trump – which the majority of Mexicans find extremely offensive.

The 50-minute long conversation revolved around the talks of the great wall. It was the fear of embarrassment for both the leaders which proved to be the deal-breaker as told by the officials of both governments on condition of anonymity. While one of the Mexican officials reported Trump to have lost his temper, but, the contrary was said by the American officials that Trump felt frustrated on the fact that Nieto had expected him to abort his crowd-pleasing motion to force Mexico to pay for the wall.

While Trump still has the time to pull off the campaign, his counterpart is at the end of his tenure as the President of Mexico, which makes him vulnerable to public shaming if he crumbles under the pressure imposed by the US government. Any under-the-belt move by Nieto highly risks the chances of his party Institutional Revolutionary Party in the upcoming elections in July this year.

The deadlock between the two governments is not good either as the bilateral relations between the neighbors are likely to suffer big time. It would be interesting to see how the Presidents of two countries cope with the tense situation going on over the past week, rather past few months. The Republican has been in a habit of alternating his way to worsen the bilateral ties with other countries.

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