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On Iran Protests, US should not lose sight of the main issue

Historically, political confusions have led to inadequate responses to international crises with disastrous consequences. Today, all the crises in the Middle East are overshadowed by the protests of starving class in Iran. Now, as the dust settles, what is evident is that the conflict will be deepened in near future.

Indeed the recent nationwide protests in Iran highlight some new facts such as the existence of a genuine and strong potential to overthrow the theocratic regime, which requires an appropriate policy toward Iran.

President Trump has consistently highlighted Iran nuclear deal as “the worst deal ever” contrary to the US national interests. Despite this, he was persuaded by oil traders to waive the nuclear sanctions on the Iranian regime once again last week.

It seems that the US has not fully understood the main message of Iranian protests. The White House tried to balance this decision by imposing new sanctions on the regime’s officials and entities for human rights violation and censorship but in reality, waiving the sanctions started a mental war in favour of the theocracy inside the country.

Despite Iranian opposition, the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), predicting these protests, the US foreign policy team chose to ignore the predictions.

The sad reality is that the world powers do not favor a change in the balance of power in the Middle East. But now the world has witnessed the willingness of the Iranian people to overthrow their oppressor.

There are three main factors to the inevitable regime change in Iran. These are international support, the leadership of protests and existence of an alternative. Both Iran’s society and the world power must be assured of the period following the change.

Historically, major successful and stable changes were led by organized oppositions.There are organized and influential dissidents and some other diffuse individuals with no plan both inside and outside the country.

In this regard, the regime’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei blamed the Iranian democratic opposition coalition, the NCRI, for organizing the nationwide protests. This proves that a viable, competent democratic alternative exists in the NCRI, which will prevent a power vacuum and remedy any imaginable conflict that could emerge after regime change.

The NCRI is the largest and the most organized Iranian opposition, formed by a broad coalition of Iranian organizations, groups, and personalities with a diversity of thought and pan-Iranian ethnicities. NCRI is also famous for exposing the threats from the Iranian regime including its clandestine nuclear weapons programme, terrorist activities and human rights violations. The coalition has also a declared 10-point democratic platform for future Iran presented by its president-elect, Maryam Rajavi.

It is worth pointing out that the NCRI was under intensive International pressure during both Bush and Obama administrations in order to appease the theocratic regime in Tehran.

During the recent anti-regime demonstrations in Iran, the US President Donald Trump tweeted that “Iranian people will see great support from the United States at the appropriate time”.


Strategically and politically, the best support is to recognize the NCRI and its 10-point democratic platform as an alternative to the current theocracy and a roadmap to a free and democratic Iran.


Please sign the petition for it will not take more than 30 seconds to complete and you could end up saving the lives of thousands:  https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/Iran-Protests


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Sami Arslan January 19, 2018 at 5:48 pm

The Iranian people have gone through enough with this crazy regime!

Amadi Aforji January 20, 2018 at 5:33 am

The current Iranian oppositional voice deserves unflinching supports in Arab nations and international condemnation.
The regime of governance that hubbubs Democratic institutions and tell the world that God – Allah clones the human mind as it were from interrogating a theocratic leadership, is not only dictatorial but celebrating oppression.
Or tagging the identified voices of opposition as western infiltrators in Iran, has significantly proved Tehran to be gauging its political barometer, wrongly. Thus by the multitude of these protests, it sends the message as a popular call to begin a radical overhauling of theocracy in Tehran; to a more democratization engagements, this is the perceived protest message. So, the Iranian authorities should go to the drawing board and begin to do the needful. No amount of crackdown would lower this people’s movement in Tehran. Is high time for Iran to begin experiment liberal thinking to divine directive in governance.


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