Finally Something Interesting Is happening In Regards To US Gun Control Policies

Sajawal Rehman
Posted on February 28, 2018, 9:04 pm
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Gun Control has been a hot topic in the United States in the wake of the Florida School Shooting and the Trump Administration has had to take it more seriously than ever.

While the students have been protesting across the States for banning guns in the country, there have also been debates over the legal age for buying certain types of arms as the Congress is working on raising the legal age from 18 to 21.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) has been in hot water since the Florida Massacre claimed 17 lives courtesy of no gun control. NRA has requested the Trump Administration to keep the legal age for buying semi-automatic rifles to 18, while appealing to not raise it to 21 considering the President had urged the Congress to work on the legislation of gun control laws.

“I think we’re in new territory,” said Senator Jeff Flake while talking about the new gun laws in the country hoping that it would be ‘different’ this time around. While the NRA has requested against the upcoming legislation, it has also urged the government to focus more on school safety programs.

The school safety programs are expected to be unveiled today by the White House before the President departs for Billy Graham’s funeral. There’s been a lot of talk about the President’s stance on Gun Control, especially over social media platforms. An official maintained that there has been “a lot of flux in the way it’s been communicated, the President’s preference is that it’s raised to 21”.

President Trump had a meeting with the NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox – two of the most active people opposing the gun control in the country – where they had urged the Republican to hold back from the stance of raising the age limit. While there has been debate over the fact that the President might back away from his statement, the press secretary for White House Sarah Sanders clarified the ambiguity surrounding the matter by stating that White House and President Trump are still favoring a change in the age limit from 18 to 21.

Some of the Republicans are also wary of the Gun Control Laws, their stance is the same as the NRA. Louisiana Senator John Kennedy said, “I don’t think we need more gun control. I think we need better idiot control”.

The Democrats have also been pushing the Republicans to take strict actions over the matter as Chuck Schumer asserted, “Rather than just passing one narrow bill and moving on, we Democrats intend to push our Republican colleagues to have a real debate on gun safety”.

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