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Terrorism Against Muslims in Myanmar That Does Not Get Reported by The Media!

Ingrid Newkirk once said, “All tyranny, bigotry, aggression, and cruelty are wrong, and whenever we see it, we must never be silent”.

The brutal history of Myanmar cannot be ignored, as if it is trying to hide, but will always re-emerge so vividly. in the last couple of years, this area of the world has always been in the news and was depicted as a place of violence which is very much true I might add.

Well, here I am, maybe a bit late but still, speaking out my mind about the Myanmar massacre. What else would be a better topic than the Myanmar conflict- a heart rumbling incident whose thought even scares the hell out of people. The examples of brutality have been countless, but in Myanmar, a country where violence and riots run rampant, the bigotry of Burmese Buddhists on Rohingya Muslims shakes the Earth beneath the feet. The tyranny is relentless, hundreds of thousands of Muslims have been forced to leave their beloved homes, and vagabonds is what they’re referred to now.

Myanmar a predominantly Buddhist country has seen the two communities go berserk over minor issues, the communities referred to here are the Rohingya Muslims and the Buddhists. However, the ultimate sufferers in these riots were the Muslims. Having suffered a lot, Muslims cannot afford any more, however they’re still at the receiving end as they have to flee to keep themselves safe. I don’t think the word ‘safe’ is suitable here, how on Earth can they be safe rather where on Earth would they be safe? I guess nowhere!
Rohingyas have not been considered Burmese rather they’re treated as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, same is their condition across the border in Bangladesh. My question is, “Are they not humans?” The way they have been treated makes me think of ourselves as brutal savages. Although the situation is a little calm there in Bangladesh, however, Bangladesh has its own 158,512,570 people as of 2014 to worry about.
myanmar-162367_640-150x150The question remains, “where should they go?” Is there some place on Earth where they’ll have their basic rights? Death usually awaits them sooner or later, but should they just leave it up-to the brutal Burmese Buddhist activists? Whole Buddhist community of Myanmar is not to blame here, I am only talking about those who are relentlessly trying to wipe out the Rohingya Muslims from their country.
The world has seen people and countries condemn this act of brutality but no one steps up to prevent such horrific acts.  No one backed them, no one provided them home when they were in desperate need of one. Is this our humanity? There have been so many (so-called) protests, however they need help not protests. Bangladesh has done alright in helping Burmese Muslims although it’s still not enough. They need more help, they want their rights, and they want their lives back. The bloodshed was horrific in the truest sense of word.


There was a historic election where approximately 30 million people were eligible and having rights to vote.  90 Parties with 6000 members participated in this election. Formerly, the ruling Government constituted by the assistance of the military, but now NLD (National League of Democracy) is evolving with its strong candidate Mrs. Aung San Su and stern mandate. Masses were seen highly fresh and happy. Not even a single person was seen without a smile. Some senior citizens reported that they are casting their vote for the first time because they are watching the change.

This is a historical event because in last 25 years no truly free election has been available.  This is the only free and fair election which eventually attained high turnout.

Saudi Arabia has proved to be a great friend here, helping the Myanmar Muslims to the best of their efforts. Hundreds of thousands of innocent Burmese Muslims have found asylum within the premises of Saudi Arabia, and this sure is a huge favor by the Saudi government!  Still, many more countries need to show support for the whole country which is now finally having a democratic election.   Things are hopefully looking better.



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