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Mohamed Bin Salman Lands in Buenos Aires Following a Successful Regional Visit

Muhammad Bin Salman’s trip, counseled by King Salman in order to gain further support from regional allies, started on Thursday last week in a bid to reinforce the ties and establish more trustful relationships with other countries of the region. The killing of
Khashoggi, the Washington Post columnist, has certainly tensed the air
internationally. However, the U.S. President Mr. Trump came out with a statement in
support of the Saudi Government on Tuesday. He reassured that they have a resolute partnership with Saudi Arabia and are to stand by it. Regional allies have also backed Saudi on this

The Crown Prince’s first visit was to UAE, an ally that has been standing by MBS through thick and thin. The Crown Prince of Abu Dubai, Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, discussed many important topics with MBS with the focal point of discussion being the strategic ties between the two countries. The stability of the region and the current security threats were also talked about in the meeting of the two dignitaries.

Both leaders affirmed that the ties between both countries are based on mutual trust and benefit. UAE and Saudi Arabia professed upon the fact that they are fully determined about a common agenda which entails to achieve sustainable development and bring adequate social and economic reforms for the welfare of the people. Both the parties were on the same page about the regional stability and extremism in the Middle East.

The partnership is based on the joint efforts against factors threatening the peace of Middle East. Both parties relished the fact that their ties are only strengthening with time. The two countries reiterated about joint collaboration to tackle the challenging times faced by the greater region.


The Saudi Prince’s next venture was to Bahrain. He landed in the capital of Bahrain, Manama, and was received in Sakhir Palace by King Hamad bin Isa. During the trip, the two discussed the latest regional developments and talked about their deep-rooted historical ties. The two leaders agreed on further strengthening the bilateral relationship.

On Monday, MBS and Bahrain’s King inaugurated a new pipeline as a result of a collaboration of Saudi Aramco and Bahrain’s Bapco. It will pump approximately 350,000 barrels per day from Saudi Arabia to the Bapco refinery located in Bahrain.

On late Monday night, Muhammad Bin Salman touched down in Cairo. Since becoming the Crown Prince, this is his second visit to the Egyptian capital. The enduring historic and strategic ties between these two countries are evident from the fact that he visited Egypt six times even before becoming the Saudi Crown Prince. Many business and developmental deals are in the works, as collective ventures of the two countries. One such mega project is the $500 Billion mega city, Neom, situated near the Saudi border. Saudi Arabia is the second biggest foreign investor in Egypt.

Under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi and Muhammad bin Salman the relation between the two countries will continue to thrive, the two parties stated. Saudi Arabia has always been a keen supporter of Egypt. Bilateral talks, about a strategic partnership, were held during the meeting.

This was Muhammad bin Salman’s first visit to Tunisia. Tunisian President Beij Caid Essebsi threw a state dinner on Tuesday evening for MBS at the Carthage Palace. The topics of discussion were the key areas of cooperation such as the economy, finance, investment promotion security, and military cooperation. Both parties agreed that military cooperation was to carry on resisting against the peace threatening factors. The Saudi Regime is partial and will continue to support Tunisia.

Tunisia’s preparations to host the 30th Arab League Summit in March 2019 also came under discussion. During these trying times for the Tunisian government, the Saudi Prince’s visit highlights the cordial ties between the two nations. The government is facing economic difficulties as the unemployment rates increase.

At the G20

The G20 economic summit is in South America this year. The imperative Buenos
Aires meeting of European, United States and Turkey leadership is expecting to host the
de facto leader of Saudi Arabia as well. It will take place on November 30th.

MBS trip of Arab-Maghreb is right before the summit. The topics mainly to be covered in
visits to these countries will be the peace processes being carried out in the
region. The latest development in Yemen will also be conferred during the visits. The bilateral ties between the countries are also to be enhanced with positive steps.

What’s Next?

Muhammad Bin Salman is set to participate in the much-anticipated G-20 summit taking place in Argentina. The dignitary has landed in Buenos Aires on Wednesday, flying in straight from Tunisia after his successful regional visit.

The summit holds great significance for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the world has set its eyes on MBS as a leader capable of transforming the country despite all the outcry over trivial matters.

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