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MBS Leaves UK After a Successful Tour Despite a Barrage of Propaganda And Fake News

More and More the Fake News Machine is becoming apparent and borderline ridiculous.  News about Saudi Arabia’s involvement in Yemen are flat out lies. They wish to see Saudi Arabia stand by and watch their Yemeni brethren be ethnically cleansed just like in Syria.  They wish to see the human slaughterhouses everywhere in Yemen just like the ones run by the Iranians in Syria. The Donald Trump of the Arab world will simply not allow it.

This is where Muhammad bin Salman’s visit to the UK comes in. A huge controversy over Saudi Arabia’s role in Yemen brought by Qatari paid activists who managed a belligerent welcome to the 32-year old Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. Muhammad bin Salman(MBS) was appointed the Crown Prince only nine months ago. The heir to the Saudi Throne was to meet with conservative party and UK’s ruling family for his three-day visit. There was much diplomatic love anticipated from the visit as post-Brexit Britain looked to get into good graces with the Middle Eastern tycoon as the UK’s MarbleArch was lightened up in the green of the Saudi Arabian flag for the occasion.

Even before the trip began it faced backlash as tens of thousands of activists petitioned and urged the Prime Minister Theresa May to cancel the trip for MBS’s policies regarding Yemen and accused him as the propagator of war.

Female Saudi Football fans in the UK.


The UK has been a popular destination for Saudis on their holidays and could prove to be a catalyst for positive change in the region. 

From Saudi Arabia’s point of view, they successfully managed to defend their viewpoints and prove their standings on many situations including the Terrorist Organisation in Lebonan “Hizbullah”  as they called for their disarmament.  Of course, the Russians and their allies were not too happy about the turn of events.

These severe allegations, however, didn’t deter the main purpose of the visit which was to further relations between both countries to a more friendly and economically beneficial front.

The two parties involved looked forward to a strategic deal that was beneficial to both sides but also significant enough to turn financial heads worldwide. The top advisors and City of London were elated for landing a big economic deal while the other party was looking for international support of their internal economic reforms. This ground-breaking deal between Saudi Fund for Development and Britain is to advance the development industry’s activities in both countries.

Britain was eager to invigorate their relationship from a security and defense point of view to encompass the economic horizons and was particularly keen to incline the Saudis to float part of their massive state oil group, Aramco, on the London Stock Exchange.

Despite the costly propaganda against Saudi Arabia, the trip was deemed a success as MBS ascertained the billion-dollar investments approximately around $90.3 billion for future.

May declared the oncoming of an era of establishing wide-ranging beneficial relations between the two countries. She also said in a statement,

This is a significant boost for U.K. prosperity and a clear demonstration of the strong international confidence in our economy as we prepare to leave the European Union.

Penny Mordaunt, the International Development Secretary, also delivered some insight upon strategic importance of potential investments. Mordaunt informed that across the globe, Saudi Fund has a long record of investment in successful development projects. In order to advance the global prosperity, Britain is sharing the best expertise and this collaboration will upgrade livelihoods by creating jobs and enabling the poor people to stand on their own feet, she iterated.

The Crown Prince has caused quite a talk about whether his appointment is finally set to bring radical changes in the conservative state in favor of a more liberal vision of Islam. It has already begun with women set to participate in the workforce, being allowed to drive as from July 2018 and liberating the entertainment industry and also remodeling the education curriculum. That’s why the Vision 2030 came into being, where its main purpose is to make the country less dependent on oil and become more market-based.

And Saudis were very happy with MBS accomplishments as evidenced by this last tweet:


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