London’s Hyde Park Speakers Corner Becomes A Battleground For The Far Right

I have to confess, I used to be very liberal and had a major crush “politically” on Burney Sanders but eventually went for Hillary Clinton. Even after the elections I still was very liberal. But suddenly, a friend of mine showed me a couple of videos and opened my eyes to some links and resources that made me change my entire worldview. After the revelations of WikiLeaks which I did not trust at first, I swung all the way to the Right. After seeing the Iran deal mess and the drug trafficking Shia militias get help from no other than Obama, I would only be stupid to go on my old path of ignorance. Not to mention all the blasphemous and bloody ideologies they enforce such as abortions which I still support but only in the first two or three weeks. Now as a Muslim, I am told that the left are the ones protecting my rights as a human being but what about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Syrians who died because of Obama’s deceitful strategies and policies?

Now that I see the Right’s point of view, I also see so much disinformation and hate being fermented on their social streams and media channels.  Just because the Left fight for Muslims freedoms does not make Muslims bad people. They have so much in common with the Right and even the Far Right. Muslims love Jesus as opposed to the Left’s continuous Mockery of Jesus Christ and Christians and Christianity. Heck, they rarely mock Islam because they want the Right to hate Islam through their subtle suggestions and fake Terrorists attacks such as 9-11.

This is where the story so far is taking place. Hyde Park is where free and respectful discussions take place. Even as a Muslim, I learned about my religion by people devoted to clearing misconceptions and falsehoods out the window. It is here where they logically and with the knowledge that they denounced ISIS and dared to face their greatly false ideology that has nothing to do with Islam. It is here where I learned that Islam has no Slavery at all. All the verses in the Quran speak of freeing the slaves only.  It is here where I learned that the word “Jihad” simply does not mean “Fight”. With this knowledge, I fought ISIS intellectually and managed to clear the misconceptions myself online. I managed to help thousands of Muslim youth were talking to me on youtube comment threads and other places.

This is a message to my comrades in the far right, don’t fall in the traps of the so-called progressive left or liberal left. I know where they are coming from, they praise Islam and then mock Saudi Arabia the birthplace of the religion. They Mock President Trump and aim their Fake news on him every day and hate the Saudis for taking his side. This is why we should face this greed hate monger who wishes to ride on the Right’s mighty waves and this is why the left are ignoring his disgusting action. Beware and stay safe all my Christian and Muslim and Athiest brethren

For reference, this is what was like when it was peaceful.

God Bless USA,UK,KSA



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