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Live Stream- Grand March of Iranian in Washington D.C. June 21

By Masoud Dalvand

It is time to stand by the Iranian resistance & people’s uprisings for a #FreeIran

The people of Iran deserve to live in peace with the world and in a democracy where their rights are respected. But the solution is neither foreign intervention nor policy of appeasement. It is due time for the international community to show their support for the Iranian people’s endeavors by standing by the NCRI.

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As the President-elect of Iranian Resistance pointed out in her message to the rally in Brussels last week, “As we approach June 20, the anniversary of the onset of our historical resistance for freedom and popular sovereignty against the mullahs’ absolute dictatorship, the Day of Martyrs and Political Prisoners, and the founding anniversary of the National Liberation Army of Iran, your gathering today fans the flames of hope and symbolizes our national dignity and conscience.
It flies the flag of our nation’s proud steadfastness in the face of a vicious and reactionary regime. Your gathering today is the epitome of a glorious future towards which we are moving.
Freedom cannot be achieved unless you have a long line of selfless men and women firmly determined to persevere and resist for achieving freedom without having any personal interests or expecting any rewards for themselves.
Hail to the brave men and women of the resistance units and popular resistance councils who have formed this long line all across Iran. And hail to those who extend it abroad.


#FreeIran #IStandWithMaryamRajavi

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