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KSA-US Ties – MBS on a Mission to Develop Strong Alliances

The convalescent reformer of KSA, Muhammad Bin Salman, lands in the United States for his two and a half weeks visit that will not only be about the unruly political weather of the Middle East but is also going to broach left of center topics like Education, Economics, and Entertainment. Both Countries will be expecting a far more cemented, authentic as well as mutually beneficial relationship to bloom after winding up the visit.


This is not a PR campaign only,” Eurasia Group’s official stated. “This is about building long-term bonds, having direct channels with CEOs.”

The Powerful Crown Prince’s domestic crackdowns have received mixed response as it has arisen suspicion among some parties while being hailed as revolutionizing and radical by others, Trump being part of the latter has been beguiled and their long-standing relationship is anticipated to be in favor of progress of both countries as they look to build by aiding each other in areas in which each shortfall.

The notorious corruption crackdown that brought down masses of high authority figures has what alarmed foreign investors and made them dubious of impulsive renewal and since then international investment to the Kingdom has seen a decline but according to reports, Saudi government claims to have reclaimed more than $100 billion assets from the guilty.

Now to Shedding light on topics apart from imperative troubles of the Arab World that are forecasted to be sifted through are ones that will boost the progress of Saudi Nation and they look to seek the support of U.S. in areas where they have it made.

Crown Prince is keen to scout companies and franchises whose expertise and investment are required for Saudi Arabia if they fulfill the ‘Saudi Vision 2030’

Uber is one of the companies thriving in KSA and since the ban on women to drive will lift coming June Uber is sure to recruit the female staff and project a positive outlook on the world. The Saudi Public Investment Fund is a major investor in Uber with a whopping figure of 3.5 billion. Amazon and google parent Alphabetto as well, have been looking to open a data center.

The Saudi Leadership is making significant prowess in the field of entertainment relaxing the previous inflexible rules regarding the industry. The MBS ended a 35-year ban on cinemas this December.During his stay, he is due to meet major names in the field and solicit for investment in Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi national oil company, Amarco’s American subsidiary is based in Houston, Texas .which is also one of the largest business market for the kingdom and a highly probable stop for the 32-year old as he will pursue more investment for the Capital of U.S. industry.

Looking on the Educational front MBS is to visit Harvard and MIT to bring more innovation the Arab Nation.There are also rumors of him paying a visit to the prestigious New York Stock Exchange.

Building up to the Vision 2030 Saudi Government is certain to pursue the nuclear development sector of America and in order to develop contracts that will help localize its defense industry Prince Salman is scheduled to meet with Defense Contractor Raytheon.

Other major topics to raise a few eyebrows are embassy move to Jerusalem and regional conflicts amongst the Arab Nations where U.S. and KSA are key players in order to supplicate peace.

His prowess in UK and Egypt have been proven to be successful as a 65$ billion deal in the UK was worked out, as well as 10 billion megacity endeavor during the Cairo visit.

The Saudi Arabians administration and populace have been expecting the positive renewal of the bilateral relationship which is promising to be more rewarding than before as two of the most powerful nations of the world stand together once again.

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