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Saudi Arabia Russia Hope to Solve Syrian Conundrum Together

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is determined to curb terrorism in Syria while working together with Russia, the Kingdom’s Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir told the media in a joint press conference with his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov. The two ministers discussed the situation in Syria and agreed on solving the issue together for the greater good of the region.

The Syrian crisis has long been a bone of contention for major players like Saudi Arabia, Russia, Iran, and the United States, however, there have been no meaningful results despite there being arbitrators like the United Nations Security Council.

Lavrov has assured of uncompromising fight against terror in Syria, saying:

“Our countries are full of determination to conduct an uncompromising fight against terrorism in all its manifestations, paying special attention to eradicating terrorist and extremist ideology”.

The top diplomats agreed on the implementation of the UN Security Council’s Resolution which was adopted back in 2015 which demanded the fighting parties to agree to a ceasefire arrangement and a political settlement. The 7 years of war has snatched countless lives, billions of dollars lost in a war for which there doesn’t seem to be any result anytime soon. The two countries’ resolution to curb terrorism in the region is encouraging for the Syrians who have been deprived of their lands, forced to live in the makeshift camps, lost their families and are dying of hunger and thirst and have no guarantee of whether they will live another day or lose their life in a missile strike or a bomb blast.

While implementing the Security Council resolution, the security, territorial integrity and stability of the country will be the foremost priority, the two governments agreed in the high-profile meeting in Moscow. Previously the two countries have been on the opposite sides as Russia was a supporter of Bashaar Al Assad’s regime whereas Saudi Arabia backed the Houthi rebels. Russia’s military support is one of the major reasons Assad has been able to hold off the rebel forces without giving on and despite strong backing by Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, the rebels haven’t been able to trump Assad’s regime.

The past is past now and with Russia and KSA willing to further strengthen their ties – in continuation of the last three years’ strong bilateral ties – there might well be hope for the poor Syrians. However, the other players also need to work together to craft an agreement for political stability in the region so that the Syrians can live in peace.

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John December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

1. Russia is working with Iran and Turkey in Syria, NOT Saudi Arabia. 2. Saudi Arabia is busy bombing Yemen and has no troops in Syria. 3. Russia is pro-Assad government and pro-Iran. Saudi Arabia is against. Unfortunately that’s what people living is Saudi Arabia are brainwashed to believe.


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