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Khashoggi Has Died and so has Free Speech on Social Media!

RIP Jamal Khashoggi. As a Saudi and as a Muslim I don’t mention the deceased negatively. Khashoggi had every right to practice his freedom of speech. I know first hand how important of a privilege that is. My personal account and the Middle East Guardians account along with every Herald.Report account along with their Editor-in-Chief’s account were all suspended on Twitter! Twitter made sure recently that most Saudi voices are suppressed so that the anti-Saudi media will have the playing field all for their selves.

The Propaganda-Mafia against Saudi Arabia & the Disappearance of JAMAL KHASHOGGI

We don’t get special intel on anything we discuss and analyze. Khashoggi’s death in the Saudi consulate was a surprise to me. After my team discovered that CNN and The Washington Post were using a photoshopped image of Hatice, we became skeptical that she has all the information about his whereabouts. However, now that that Saudi government has issued a statement. We believe she was used to sensationalize the whole story for political reasons I will elaborate on later in the article. The Saudi King and MBS did not know about what happened in the consulate. If they wanted Khashoggi dead, they would have done it away from media attention. Khashoggi was not the only dissident of Saudi Arabia. There are many in Europe, Canada and the United States of America. If the government knew about his death in the consulate they would have immediately reported it to avoid they current negative media attention.

How to Spot a Fake Fiancée: The Khashoggi Case

Employees in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul had a fight with Khashoggi which eventually lead to his accidental death. It seems the Saudi consulate employees tried to cover his accidental death even from their government to avoid being captured and taken to court. They, however, have made things a lot worse. We don’t know what happened to his body till now. However, Ali Shihabi, Founder, The Arabia Foundation, tweeted that he has anonymous senior sources who informed him that the famous “bone-saw” NEVER existed and was purely a product of Turkish media falsehood.”

The Saudi government has made many advancements in almost every aspect. They have finally allowed women to drive and becoming more secular. Saudi Arabia is the number one country fighting terrorism and was the first to declare the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. The sensationalized media attack was by Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated news outlets. Bulgarian television journalist Viktoria Marinova was raped, beaten and died of suffocation but was overshadowed by Khashoggi’s media coverage. Additionally, “The wife of Meng Hongwei, incumbent president of Interpol who has been detained in secret by China, says she is not sure her husband is alive after he disappeared mysteriously last month, to turn up under investigation in China.” also overshadowed by Khashoggi’s death.

Those who the Saudis have relived from position were out of MBS and the King’s orbit and will, therefore, be held accountable by the Saudi Judiciary system. Further investigations are being conducted with 18 more Saudis probably working at the consulate in Istanbul. The Saudi people are extremely shocked to hear that their country’s consulate are at fault. They are disgusted by what has been done to their fellow citizen in Istanbul. However, their immediate announcements of relieving senior officials and the further investigation of the employees in Istanbul has helped reduce the level of outrage. It is not easy to write an opinion that goes opposite the stream but it is necessary to provide balance for readers so they can make their own judgments on what goes on in the news.

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