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Journey of Hajj (Pilgrimage)

Every year Saudi Arabia receives more than 2 M. pilgrims, who come from all around the world to perform the fifth pillar of Islam. They handle dealing with all these crowds by good preparation. Saudis start preparing for coming Hajj as soon as one ends. Hajj Development Authority and Prince of Makkah hold meetings to discuss the shortage and shortcomings of each season. They also hold meetings with all governmental authorities such as the Ministry of Health and other ministries and departments to discuss what they have reported each season and how can they develop services that are special for pilgrims.
Saudi Arabia dedicates the holy areas Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifa to pilgrims. They ban Makkah residents from building houses in those sacred places; also, they are not allowed to make business there all year long!
Each country is given a certain amount of numbers of visas that enable its citizens to come to hajj. Pilgrims receive the permission and issue visas, and Preventive vaccinations for Hajj such as flue injection.
As soon as the planes that carry pilgrims land on Saudi airports, they find representatives from Saudi authorities such as Ministry of Health, Ministry of Ummrah and Haj, airport administration, hajj institutions concerned of residence and transportation.
They welcome pilgrims with flowers and cheer happily. They serve Zamzam holy water, Arabic coffee and dates to make pilgrims comfortable and share with them their happiness of this moment!  Each pilgrim is given an electronic bracelet has his/ her name, age, nationality, disease, medication if he has! Also, his address in the sacred places!


Saudi Arabia’s agents welcome pilgrims (guests of Allah) with all languages. Using pilgrim’s language makes it easier for them to finalize their papers and been guided to hajj duties.


Ministry of health prepares permanent and temporary hospitals in holy places (Mina, Arafat, Muzdalifa). Teams consist of doctor, nurse, and Paramedic assistant are deployed in all holy places especially, at gathering points.



Saudi Arabia dedicates special ambulance cars and specially equipped buses to carry sick seniors who have chronic diseases to let them do hajj duties accompanied by physicians.


An emergency hospital in the grand mosque, equipped by all developed equipment to take care of pilgrims who face fatigue, collapse, or other health emergencies.


In fact, efforts of Saudi Arabia can’t be written in brief but I will add some YouTube videos to cover parts of these efforts and how Saudi workers become emotional while they are serving pilgrims. Some of these videos are taped by pilgrims themselves!




Saudi Arabia serves all pilgrims equally; no difference between black or white, nor rich and poor. They are all the same in Saudi Arabia; they are all guests of Allah and we are Saudis, custodians of two holy mosques.



Saudi government let Saudis who want to volunteer to be honored serving pilgrims


As Saudi Arabia located in the middle of the world, in hajj season, the world is in Saudis’ hearts, we love you!

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