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President Trump is actually getting rid of ISIS, Hopefully!

President Trump once claimed Obama and Hillary were the ones who created ISIS!. In retrospect, ISIS only appeared because of the void left by the leaving US troops and letting Iran and Russia gain easy access to the region. However, ISIS Terrorists are killing Americans Europeans openly without a second thought. Maybe President Trump can actually fix this problem.  Or maybe he is just doing what the Russians want him to do by cutting support for the Free Syrian Army.  After all, when was the last time Al-Qaida or ISIS attacked Russia or Iran? Probably never. Meanwhile, it is Saudi Arabia and the West who are facing these murderers head on.

I guess this is a good opportunity to educate on matters of extremism and it’s sad attempt to represent a religious group that has absolutely nothing to do with them. And the most neglected topic of all is the ISIS Flag and its Typography. I literally spent hours researching this topic with nothing to show for. Therefore I will present my observations because I am still amazed that it was missed by the media and the public in general.

The art of beautiful writing, Calligraphy is the trademark of Islamic arts all over the world. In the early days it was primarily used to write down the Holy Quran, however, the aesthetic nature of calligraphy did not let it limit itself to the Quran only. If you ever visit a Muslim country, calligraphy is everywhere from jewelry to paintings, architecture to clothes and whatnot. The elegance, versatility and the genius with which the art is portrayed are simply scintillating, it refreshes the mind and soothes your inner self, such is the beauty of the Islamic art of Calligraphy. No form of handwriting is near to Islamic art of Calligraphy in terms of creativity.

These two pictures represent Arabic and English, can you tell which is which?

The telling difference between the ISIS flag and other Muslim organizations and countries’ flags is in the art, the style with which the text is written. As much as the Muslims are considered adept in calligraphic writing, the ISIS flag’s calligraphy seems to have been done without worrying about the glorious past of Muslims in calligraphic writing. Looking at the flag, you can easily find out that it’s not even handwritten text, rather done in some software like Adobe Illustrator, which is not something Muslims are renowned for.

These two Examples represent good Typography for both languages. 

Looking at the typography and the lettering used on the ISIS flag and also the messages conveyed by the extremist group, you could argue that the elegance and the class depicted by the most calligraphic writings are missing. It’s not even close to the trademark Muslim Calligraphic designs, but a rather pathetic design is being used by the militant group. A very interesting find about the lettering used by ISIS is that its ugliness is representing of the group’s disgusting interpretation of the religion.

Anyways, whoever created the ISIS flag forgot to use decent typeface and elegant lettering. The typography of a three-year-old seems far more advanced than what is seen with ISIS. In fact, I am fairly confident in saying that whoever created ISIS has no knowledge of Islamic History or Culture what so ever. And I am one hundred percent sure they are not Arab at all.  This makes me suspicious of Iran.  Even though it has been established that Iran has never been attacked by ISIS.

Islamic arts and the ISIS flag’s calligraphy are complete opposites. As it turns out, it’s a complete paradox, but are we willing to accept the reality? I certainly hope Donald Trump understands the situation pretty soon or otherwise he will just continue to be Russia’s pawn for the foreseeable future and indirectly helping ISIS’s disgusting cause of dividing the people and causing mayhem.

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