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participating in Iranians’ Grand Gathering in Paris is a historic opportunity

grand gathering

Taking part in the grand gathering of Iranians in Paris is a historic opportunity

On Saturday, May 26th a conference titled “Iran at the end line” was held by the Rivoli Governorate (in the province of Piedmont, Italy).  The conference aimed to support the uprising of the Iranian people and their resistance, and to express solidarity with the Iranian grand gathering on June 30th,.

The meeting was held in partnership with the Maridian Association, the Colle Del Lys resistance committee, and the Rio Municipal Council.

The first speaker at the meeting was Amalla Neirotti, chairman of the Colle Dell Lys Resistance Committee and former chairman of the National Association of Municipalities of Italy.

 “I am glad that have gathered today in support of the uprising of the people and the Iranian resistance for freedom,” Mrs. Ni Ruthi said. I remember the hard years and the unprecedented resistance of Ashraf residents. At that time I was the head of the National Association of Municipalities of Italy and we were trying to help them.

grand gathering

Today, our Resistance Committee is on the side of the Iranian Resistance and is trying to support the Iranian people for freedom in order to overthrow the religious dictatorship in Iran. Such cooperations throughout the world will definitely affect international relations.

He added: we must stand with the people and the Iranian resistance and raise our voice. On June 30 at the Grand Gathering of the Iranians in Paris, there will be the best opportunity, and I must say that this gathering has a global significance.

At the end, Mrs. Amelia read a statement titled “Freedom and Democracy for Iran”, supporting the uprising of the people and the resistance of Iran and invited all to the Iranian Grand Gathering.  She also announced the support of 22 municipalities for this statement.

The next speaker was the mayor of Riooli in Italy Mr. Franco Dessin.  Welcoming everyone to the meeting, Mr. Riooli said: “I follow the news of the uprising of the Iranian people and the developments in Iran. I admire the Iranian resistance that has fought for the liberation of their homeland in these hard years of dictatorship. I learn quite a lot from them. I have only one remark that to inspire public opinion and raise support for the resistance and the Iranian people, and responding ppositivelyto the call for participation in the Paris gathering during these times is vital.

 Another speaker in this conference was Professor Marco Brunazzi, the chairman of the Salvemini Institute for Historical Studies

After briefly describing the history and the geopolitical significance of Iran in the Middle East, Professor Marco Brunazzi added that the religious dictatorship ruling Iran through its repression has made it impossible for Iranians to have an ordinary life.

The military and destructive interference of the Iranian regime in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and Yemen has led to instability in the Middle East.  The Repression, sexual discrimination inside Iran and the instability and threats outside of Iran are due to the nature of the Iranian dictatorship.  To achieve freedom, the international community must recognize and support the uprising of the Iranian people.

We must support freedom lovers and those who have fought for democracy during these years. In this regard, our governments have great responsibilities, although they have preferred to keep silence due to business interests. The press has been silent, but the Iranian people have not stopped and are trying to achieve freedom.

Another speaker at the meeting was Mr. Bruno Segre, a lawyer and author, chairman of the Italian National Anti-Fascist Refugee Association and honorary president of Jaredo Bruno National Liberation of Thought Society.

grand gathering

In part of his speech, Mr. Segre said: “The execution and torture, the brutal violence that the regime imposed on the Iranian people over the years, is something that will not be forgotten in history. And this is a big shame and embarrassment that the world saw and heard, but kept silent.  And how so many governments supported this regime simply for economic and profiteering reasons. Mr. Sargh emphasized that there is no difference between Iran regime’s officials, they are all of the same kind and are dictators.

He said: “The news that I receive recently confirms that today the Iranian people and the resistance fighters have risen for justice. They are the sons and daughters of the great Mossadegh, Therefore, it is the duty of all humanity to support this ongoing uprising.

Then sociologist, writer and journalist Mrs. Lourdana Biffo started to speak:

In a comprehensive analysis of the situation in Iran, Ms. Biffo, said: “the fundamentalists rulers of Iran are by nature oppressive and misogynist. Women have suffered the most inhumane treatments during these years of oppression. It is not surprising to see that women play active roles in front lines of anti-government protests.

The majority of the members of the National Council of Resistance of Iran are women. President of the Iranian Resistance Mrs. Maryam Rajavi is a brave and charismatic woman who is fighting to overthrow the mullahs’ ruling in Iran and for freedom of the Iranian people.

During the recent months, we witness Iranians in their demonstrations send a message to the world that the supreme leader should be overthrown, the Iranian regime is not reformable, and dialogue with this regime is useless.

Europe and its press should take the voice of the Iranian people seriously because they will say the last word. Because Iran’s resistance is the sole force behind the creation of a free and democratic Iran. I have repeatedly outlined the reasons behind this in my articles.

At the end or her speech said Mrs. Biffo: “This year I will be taking part in the grand gathering of Iranians in Paris because I want to be present alongside the uprising of the people and the resistance of Iran, it is a historic opportunity, and I think it is the duty of all those who want freedom for Iran.

The last speaker at the conference was Dr. Youssef Lassani, chairman of the Free and Democratic Society in Italy. He said:

The uprising of Iran’s youth, men and women, and its continuation in various dimensions and forms throughout the country coinciding with widespread strikes are sounding the bells for a complete downfall of the religious fascist government that is ruling in Iran.

39 years of violent crackdowns on liberties and repression, execution and torture, the plundering of the wealth of the Iranian people spent on terrorism, war and instability in countries in the region, have led to bankruptcy and inflation pushing the Iranian people below poverty lines.

The time has come for the West and Europe to stand on the right side of the history.  And, to support the demands of the Iranian people, which is regime’s change and popular sovereignty. The same goals that the Iranian resistance movement has been fighting for over the past three decades at a very high cost of course.  We should support this legitimate and democratic alternative.

grand gathering

At this historic juncture, it is the nationalistic and patriotic duty of all freedom loving and patriots to be present at this largest gathering of Iranians in Paris on June 30 and bring the voice of our repressed people to the attention of the world community.


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