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Holding the Iranian Resistance’s Grand Gathering and the Complaint by the Iranian Regime to the UN Security Council!

Iranian resistance’s Grand Gathering

Now that the truth is out and the powerful presence of the Iranian resistance is undeniable, the Mullahs’ regime, which on the brink of downfall, is desperate in preventing the people’s uprisings which have resonated all over the country and with strong slogans such as of ‘death to Khamenei’ and ‘death to Rouhani’ in the cities of Iran.

The fact is that the regime’s propaganda machine is now incapable of covering up the popularity of the democratic alternative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). Outraged at the successful holding of the annual meeting of the Iranian Resistance in Paris, the confounded Mullahs resorted to an unprecedented measure which is to blow up the entire gathering conference in Paris along with the dozens of western politicians and hundreds of western journalists in attendance.

With an official letter addressed to the UN Security Council, the permanent representative of the Iranian regime in the United Nations complained about PMOI’s recent Paris political rally with many prominent figures from both sides of the Atlantic including American personalities being present.

According to the Iranian regime’s official news agency on July 24th, Gholamali Khoshroo, the permanent representative of the Iranian regime in the United Nations, in his official letter “complained about the presence of some of the American political figures in the Gathering of (Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization) in July this year “And stated: “The Islamic Republic of Iran strongly condemns the illegal actions taken by the American government against the Iranian people, including the support of the group (Mojahedin) as a terrorist group.

This illegal act is in violation of international law, the goals, and principles of the United Nations Charter, as well as international anti-terrorism laws.

Gholamali Khoshroo in his July 17 letter to the Security Council recalled previous complaints on January 3, 2018, October 13, 2017, and June 19, 2017requesting the registration of the letter as a document of the Security Council.

The Great Gathering of Iranian Resistance in Paris

On Saturday, June 30, 2018, the Iranian Rally was held in Paris. Representatives from various countries, including prominent political figures, parliamentarians, mayors, elected officials, and international experts and experts in the Iranian situation, participated in this massive Gathering.

Speakers attending the meeting emphasized their support for the uprising of the Iranian people and the democratic alternative “the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI)”.  They urged the international community to adopt a decisive policy against the religious fascism ruling Iran and to stand by the rising people of Iran.

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, the President-elected of the Iranian Resistance, said in her speech at the Free Iran gathering: A euphoric generation thirsting for freedom has risen up. This is the Iranian nation’s fight to capture the entire country and take back Iran from the occupiers, the mullahs.

“From workers at Haft-Tapeh sugar to Ahvaz factory, and farmers in Isfahan, to the youth of Kazerun, to drivers and truckers from all over the country, and to marketers in Tehran, who courageously opposed the wild mercenaries.

This is the Iranian nation’s fight, victory is certain and Iran will be free. An Iran without sheikh (mullahs) or the shah, is now looming in the horizon. Existence of a “solution” within the religious fascism agenda has become null and void. The rebellious population and youth have rejected both factions of the regime.

Speech by Maryam Rajavi, entitled: “Regime Overthrow Is Certain, Iran Will Be Free,” Villepinte, Paris, France, June 30, 2018

National Solidarity Front to overthrow the religious dictatorship

The campaign to create phony alternatives is another sign of the phase of the regime’s overthrow

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