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Iranian Resistance Annual Meeting In Paris To Effect On Iran Political Scene

Iranian Resistance Annual Meeting

Iranian Resistance Annual Meeting In Paris To Effect On Iran Political Scene

The uproar of protests in Iran continue to accelerate while even some pro-regime groups now agree that the political situation in the country is moving towards an outbreak..

One of the most significant developments during the past few weeks in the country, was the uprising in Kazerun and another one that is ongoing is the truck drivers’ strike that is spreading all across the country.

In Zahedan, East of Iran, the youth and students are protesting, and meanwhile the victims of money plundering of regime’s fraudulent and corrupt financial institutions are protesting in various cities trying to get compensated for their losses.

The impact of the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal aka Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) is becoming increasingly noticeable.

Declaring the 12-point demand statement by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, has made the crisis even more dangerous and complicated for the clerical regime.

On the other hand, the resuming of sanctions by the United States is beginning to take its toll, crippling mullahs’ regime establishments.

Meanwhile, the Iranian resistance movement is all out in an effort to expand its network of anti-regime activists inside Iran. The resistance is seeking to keep fueling the protests. Simultaneously, it is planning on holding an annual Grand Gathering on June 30, just outside Paris.

In today’s Iranian public and political scene, this annual gathering of the resistance plays an important role.

In the current political conditions, the coming annual Grand Gathering will be carrying a message to the people inside Iran. The message will be that the fundamentalist regime ruling Iran is doomed to fall and that there exists a democratic alternative to the regime, and also the message that the future belongs to the people of Iran, who are willing and ready to take control of their destiny and country.

At the 2017 Grand Gathering, in her speech, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi highlighted three fundamental facts about the reality of Iran. First is that the overthrowing of the ruling religious dictatorship is imperative.  Second, the regime’s overthrow is within reach. And third, a democratic alternative and an organized resistance exists, which is capable of overthrowing the theocracy in Iran.

A great portion of that speech has come true now, and considering the uprising, protests, and strikes which have begun since last December and have continued until now, that message has proven to be correct.

This year’s gathering will convey to the world the message that this regime has no future and it will fall.

The gathering will show that the Iranians gathered are the real representatives of the Iranian people, and they echo the desire of the Iranian people. The NCRI alternative will replace the regime and will be able to take Iran to the shores of security, peace, democracy, justice, and prosperity after 40 years of oppression and mayhem.

Furthermore, this gathering will send the message of solidarity to the people of Iran; to the resistance network inside the country, the strikers in Isfahan, Khuzestan, Ahvaz and all cities; to those who have lost their belongings to regime’s plundering of peoples’ money, the youth in Zahedan and compatriot Baluchi, Arab and Kurds. The message will say that the uprising and all these people have a supporter.

The uprising continues and this regime will be overthrown, and we all together must concentrate on overthrowing the regime.

This is the message the coming Iranian Grand Gathering will convey. Many of the resistance forces from inside Iran, the supporters of the PMOI and the resistance networks, who run and partake at the uprisings, send messages and call the coming Grand Gathering ‘the grand Gathering of Uprising’.

We say to the international community that, Iran’s future belongs to the Iranian resistance and to the people that are protesting in streets.

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TheIranianCommunity December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

A very thorough report. Indeed its time for change and look forward to this gathering.


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