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Iranian regime’s political analysts, “In the new year, a harsh time is anticipated between the society and the rulers.”

The existing erupting state among the upset people in Iran has panicked the government’s affiliated analysts and politicians so that they explicitly warn that the new Iranian calendar year of 1397 will be stormy and a challenging time between society and the power.

They warn that people who protested recently, are alike the fire under the ashes, waiting to erupt at any moment. They warn that Khamenei should make a decision as soon as possible on the options of keeping or surrendering his controversial missile programs, and his regime’s regional meddling policies, and if he does not decide, then others will decide for the regime.


Some figures also suggest to Rouhani’s government providing Khamenei with that an inclusive report and brief him of how fragile the situation is, so that he may become attentive.

Roidad website, affiliated to Rouhani’s faction, on April 2, stated the present Iranian society as a ‘dynamic society,’ ready for uprising and protests, so that the government is impotent to solve its everyday problems, and ‘current issues become crises.

According to this website, “the faults inside the Iranian society [read the fault between the people with the regime] have been activated from a long time ago ” and “the protesters are like fire under the ashes, the protests will continue due to the continuous crises.”

Roidad website warns: “By neglecting the protests and suppressing, we will enter into a period of challenges and conflicts sooner or later. It was not necessary that protests take place to make it clear to us that the community is suffering distrust. ”

Rasool Mousavi, a former regime’s diplomat, said: “The main decision makers have no choice but to make fundamental decisions. And if these decisions are not made, we will be in critical condition. To the experts, the events that we witnessed in the country some time ago are a sign that should be taken seriously. “(ISNA News Agency April 2, 2018)

Abdullah Nasseri, a member of the so-called reformist faction, considers the Iranian year of 1397 a “hard year” for the regime, and recommends that “a set of functions be organized in all organs of the sovereignty”, otherwise “we must wait for a difficult period between society and rulers.” Jamaran website, April 2, 2018)

Qasem Mirzaii Niko, MP, said in a statement, “disapprovals have raised up and people are very dissatisfied, the country’s troubles have increased and as the situation goes on as it is, discontent of people will increase more and more, ” he added, “the obstacles for the investors have not been ineffective regards the domestic crises.” (ILNA News Agency April 2, 2018)

Hussein Raghefar, a Rouhani’s affiliated, considers the prospect so dangerous that offers the government to ask for Ali Khamenei’s personal meddling to find a way to avoid the risk of the likely confrontation with the people in near future. “(Fararoo website, April 2, 2018)

So all the faction of the clerical regime has a common view about the critical and explosive state in the society which can be erupted at any moment, which leads to another crisis and uprising.

The critical situation that the whole regime is trapped in, is the consequence of decades of suppression and plundering the Iranian people’s property and wealth by the clerics, and spending billions of dollars, at the expense of people’s poverty, for expansionist plans and backing fundamentalism and terrorism across the Middle East, and to support the Syrian dictator Bashar Assad.”

The tyranny regime ruling Iran will not evade its inevitable fate of overthrow by the furious uprising of the Iranian people their organized resistance.

The international policy has changed unfavorably for the Iran regime, particularly by the President Tramps firm lines regards the devastating role of the Iranian regime in the Middle East and its Missile programs. The Iran Nuclear deal aka JCPOA, which had made windfall concessions for the Mullahs, now is in jeopardize, mainly by appointing figures in the Tramps administration, like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, who are obviously rejecting the JCPOA.

The Iranian Resistance, leading by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, including the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and its core force, the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), are more vigilant than ever to restore human rights, women’s rights, freedom, justice and democracy to Iranian people.

The recent nationwide uprising shook the pillars of the fundamentalist regime. People chanted “down with [Supreme Leader] Khamenei,” and “down with [President] Rouhani,” and protested in more than 140 cities and towns throughout the country in late December and January. Ali Khamenei admitted that the PMOI was a motivating force and a major threat to the regime’s hold on power.

Actually, Mrs. Rajavi recently called for the New Year to be “a year full of uprisings.”

The Iranian regime’s analysts are right, the new Iranian year is a convulsive time for the clerical regime.

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