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Iranian Houthi Militias Murder Former Yemen Leader

Immediately After Ali Abdullah Saleh announced the rejection of the Yemeni people to the presence of Iran and it’s puppets on live TV, the Houthis did what was expected of them as murderous Shia militants who despise Humanity. Now the battle is on between the Arab Coalition and these genocidal maniacs.

Saudi Arabia and MBS have said before that “Saleh” is under siege and does not have the freedom to go against the Houthis and the Houthis just proved them right in the most gruesome and bloody way possible.

This is what we are dealing with in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and elsewhere in regards to the Iranian meddling and systematic ethnic cleansing they are doing in the Arab world.

The #FakeMedia wants the world to believe that this is a battle between the Sunni Muslims and the Shias. And they want the world to believe that this is a proxy war between Saudi Arabia and Iran! No, this is a war between 95% of Muslims and Arabs with a tiny minority of a sick and corrupt sect that has nothing to do with Islam!

This #FakeMedia that is funded by Qatar, Iran, and Russia, as well as the misguided liberal media in the west, has caused confusion.

Social media has been weaponized against the Arab world but ever since the beginning of Operation Storm of Resolve, the tides are turning and the truth is beginning to unveil spearheaded by the Saudi Leadership and President Donal Trump.

ISIS and Alqueda have been exposed to be Iranian made as evidence of its victims who are 99% Sunni Arabs.  Enough is enough and this conspiracy must be fully exposed for all to see. Bashar Al Assad and Hizbullah and their masters in Iran who enjoy watching their own people suffer in poverty and sickness but be confronted by the free nations of the world and any complacency by the UN should be uncovered and exposed just like their fake soldiers who enjoy raping helpless women around the world.


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