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Iranian Communities in Brussels Orchestrate a Solidarity March for a Free Iran


Ali Bagheri, Energy engineer, PhD candidate, Activist for human rights and democracy in Iran.

Sourosh Aboutalebi, Political science student, Activist for human rights and democracy in Iran.

Escalating conflicts between Iran and the international community put this country as a center of attention once again, after the well-known Iran nuclear deal negotiations back in 2015.  Along with these tensions, the new waves of protests and strikes started in Iran since December 2017. During the past 40 years, the Islamic regime in Tehran has responded to strikes and protests with vast oppression of protesters and activists. These oppressive actions include mass arrests, torture, execution and funding terror attacks abroad.

The regime, entirely, the supreme leader, judiciary, the president, etc., is explicitly defending their violent actions for oppressing activists, killing freedom, and their human right violations. In one case, at least 30,000 political prisoners were executed in summer 1988 and regime officials repeatedly reminded this massacre as an honor for themselves.

In addition, several terror plots were conducted by the Iranian regime on European soil in 2018 that two of which were foiled in Albania and Paris resulting in the arrest of an Iranian diplomat with several other diplomats ordered to leave Europe. Such terror attacks in Europe revealed that the regime considers terrorism as a supplementary force in its foreign policy.

Although the regime seeks a way to change the international policy against itself, the vast uprising inside the country clarified, there exists no solution inside the current regime in Tehran. The uprising initiated in December 2017 followed by nationwide strikes and protests by teachers, truck drivers, nurses, students, etc. In addition to common protests, resistant units, NCRI supporters, the largest Iranian opposition group, in Iran is a unique phenomenon. Since last year, the presence of resistance units in different protests was officially recognized by the Iranian ministry of intelligence, and they report the arrestment of several members of these units.

In such a turbulent society, the main issue is the presence of a legitimate alternative. Some believe there is no alternative for the present clerics in Iran to be able to change the international wills for regime change in this country. However, the past 40 years history of resistance of the people of Iran shows this country is mature enough to be able to introduce an alternative for the present regime in Tehran. The ever-increasing approval of resistance units in the country, left no choice for Iran’s officials to confess about the strong and adherent network of Iranian resistance inside Iran, which clearly address the organizational and the executional power of NCRI as the alternative for this regime.


The truth is that the international winds are changing towards Iran, and even with Iran nuclear deal, the regime is isolated more than any other time in its history. The appeasement policy in Europe cannot stop changes in Iran and it emphasizes to orchestrate the voice of the people of Iran louder than ever.

In this situation, the Iranian community and the families of victims of human right violation in Iran are preparing for a large demonstration in Brussels on 15 June. This event is mainly advertised in the Iranian community, a Facebook event page has also been created to advertise the schedule, plans and the aims of this solidarity march. The presence of young, determined and hopeful Iranians in this demonstration will reflect the organizational power of NCRI and their strong basis inside the Iranian society. This can also be a perfect signal to European countries and US that the legitimate resistance of Iran and the people of Iran deserve to be recognized as a changing force in Iran and it is upon the international community to respect the right of the people of Iran to change this regime.

At the end, it is important to note that the Iranian communities rally in Brussels are the initiating point of a series of solidarity marches in Europe. Now it is time for Europe to welcome this new face instead of betting on a dead horse of Islamic regime in Iran.

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