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Iranian Ballistic Missiles Under Control Of Houthi Militias!

Update: Although Arab coalition air defense forces intercepted and destroyed 7 ballistic missiles launched from Yemen to Saudi territory on Sunday evening March 25, the Iranian backed Houthi Terrorists sent a new one just now!

Three missiles had targeted the capital city of Riyadh, one to the city of Khamis Mushait, and two others were launched to the city of Jizan, the missiles were blindly launched to the civilian populated areas, but all of these missiles were destroyed by the Saudi air defense before reaching the targets.


Following the destruction of these missiles, debris hit a number of residential areas where an Egyptian citizen living in Saudi Arabia was killed and also caused damages to the civilian properties.

This is not the first time that terrorist groups affiliated to the Iranian regime launch ballistic missiles to Saudi territory.

Houthi militants have launched missiles from November 2017 on various occasions into the territory of the Arabian kingdom, each time Saudi insists that air defense systems have intercepted and destroyed Houthis’ missiles in the sky.

In November, the Houthis targeted the Riyadh airport by a ballistic missile the type of barker h2 which, according to the Ministry of Defense, was intercepted and destroyed in the sky.


This hostile and blind action taken by the Iranian affiliated group is a prove of continuation of Iran’s backing of the Houthis by advanced weaponry, this action is seen as a clear and explicit violation of the United Nations’ (2216) and (2231) resolutions.

It also means undermining the security of the Arab countries as well as regional and international security, in spite of the fact that launching ballistic missiles to residential areas is a violation of international and humanitarian law and a war crime.

Houthi rebels actions are a dangerous development and in the interests of the terrorist organizations and the countries which support terrorism, including the Iranian regime, seeking to destabilize the region.

The attack is a warning to the countries of the region, the west and the United States, and particularly the United Nations. Because it is likely that the Iranian regime will supply the terrorist groups with the ballistic missile and target Western populous cities of the world, which will be a human catastrophe.

The Iranian regime continues to violate international law by supporting terrorism in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Bahrain, and Yemen.

The Iranian regime is preparing Houthi militias with missiles that violate United Nations Security Council resolutions, the record of this regime is overwhelmed by of death and destruction. Mullahs interfere in the 1996 terrorist bombings of Buenos Aires (the capital of Argentina) and the Riyadh bombings in 2003.

The Iranian regime has already tried to assassinate the former Saudi ambassador to Washington and the present minister of foreign affairs, Adel al-Jabir. They assassinated a number of political dissidents in the European capitals.

Accordingly, the UN Security Council should immediately take urgent measures and to hold the Iranian regime accountable for violations of United Nations (2216) and (2231) resolutions, to preserve peace and security in the region.

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