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Iranian annual gathering 2018 Is In Paris On June 30: Here’s What You Should Know About It

Maryam Rajavi to the Grand Gathering in Paris Villepinte July 1, 2017

In early 2018, nationwide protests in Iran in over 140 cities rocked the nation, shaking the ruling dictatorship to its core, and taking the world by storm. As chimes of change ring throughout Iran a new chapter begins in the quest for freedom. The protests have gained new momentum as the Iranian people demand a Free Iran.

On 30th June 2018 the Iranian diaspora will hold their largest gathering ever in Paris, while thousands of freedom lovers from around the world join to call for democratic change in Iran as the true solution to the religious fascism ruling Iran. Thousands and thousands of freedom loving individuals from five continents will gather with one simple message “Free Iran” and to voice their support for the democratic alternative represented by the NCRI and its President-elect, Maryam Rajavi, for democratic change.

In recent months, with the continuation of protests and strikes throughout Iran, the people of Iran have shown their resolute in continuing their fight till the dawn of freedom and the overthrow of the mullahs. From the streets of Mashhad and Kazerun, to the merchants of Baneh, workers of Haft Tapeh and farmers of Isfahan; from Balochis and Kurds to Fars, Lors, Arabs and Turks, all of Iran is united in the cry for freedom. Their slogans of “Hardliners, Reformers, the game is over” and “Our enemy is right here, spuriously they say it’s America” have made clear that the Iranian people have no illusions about the nature of the regime and have no hopes in reform or moderation under the mullahs and to them it is clear that the source of all the misery of the Iranian people is the theocratic regime ruling Iran.

During Hassan Rouhani’s tenure as the regime’s president, the human rights situation in Iran has been on a slippery slope and reform and moderation are as elusive as ever. Execution tolls rose to the highest level in the last quarter century, while Iran accounts for over 50% of reported executions carried out internationally in 2017. But suppression is not limited to executions, in recent months, images and footage of people being beaten by security forces and women being harassed on the streets have caught the attention of the international community, making clearer the calls for change by the Iranian people.

In January it was reported that over 90% of protesters detained in the nationwide uprisings were youth under the age of 25. Youth who feel they have no future under this regime, this defiant generation has emerged as the face of the nationwide protests along with brave Iranian women who are fearless as they feel they have nothing else to lose in standing against the misogynist regime.


On 30th June we will gather to stand in solidarity with the people of Iran and to present the true alternative to the theocracy ruling Iran. Hundreds of prominent personalities, elected representatives, political figures, and human rights activists will be participating in this rally, representing over 60 countries, five continents, and a range of socio-political backgrounds.

We are glad to welcome thousands of Iranian youth who have escaped the clutches of the Mullahs in Iran and will join us to resonate their message for change in this event.

We cordially invite you to join us at this gathering, in echoing the voice of millions living under the rule of tyranny and to resonate a message of hope and solidarity to those on the quest for freedom and democracy.

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Iranian Annual Gathering 2018 Is In Paris On June 30: Here’s What You Should Know About It - Scofield Biblical Institute June 20, 2018 at 1:47 am

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