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Iran Uprising Heating Up Again While The Regime Threatens To Withdraw From The Nuclear Deal

As of late Iran has come back in the spotlight for the entire world to see all for the wrong reasons. From corruption to aiding in terrorist activities, Iran has been responsible for the unrest in the middle east and by the look of things, Iran is not about to change its ways anytime soon. Iran has enforced unreasonable living standards on its people and has expected them to stay quiet which has resulted in massive protests that rival the 2009 protests by the Iranian people to show its government and the world that they have had enough of its corrupt government regimen.

No End To Corruption In Sight

Iran has, by far, one of the most corrupt Governments on the planet that use religion to accomplish their goal by bending and twisting it to their will. Even though President Hassan Rowhani has made many big pledges to counter corruption it has had the complete opposite result as corruption and human rights continue to pose a huge challenge for the people while the so-called rulers continue to live a life of luxury and peace while ensuring that there are no laws that stop them from carrying out their evil and selfish deeds to further their own agenda and make as much money for themselves as possible at the expense of the middle and lower Iranian people.

The scale of corruption has not changed significantly when comparing Rowhani’s presidency with that of his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad but has rather gotten worse. According to Transparency International, Iran ranks 136 out of 175 countries which not only has resulted in the Iranian people losing trust in their Government and religious leaders that for years have fed nothing but lies and deceit.  This has incited a new batch of protests that have been raging on since last Saturday and have grown considerably in reaction to Iran sputtering economy, rampant corruption along with the rising fuel and food prices that have left the lower and a fair majority of the middle class in what can only be described as true desperation.

This is only fueled by the fact that the Saudi Arabian Government and People that the Iranian Government has made out to be the bad guy at every opportunity is thriving and offering a better life for its citizens. Especially considering that many people believed that after the severe sanctions between the P5+1 and Iran, the people of the country expected things to get better. The five permanent members of the UN Security Council which include the United States, the UK, Russia, China and France along with Germany make up the P5+1 that placed sanctions on Iran to remove the restrictions on financial, energy and transportation sectors so that the people could improve the private sector to take away some power from the Government in order to combat the rampant corruption but hundreds of Iranian entities were not taken off the blacklists.

Trita Parsi, president of the National Iranian American Council along with other experts say that it’s the endemic economic mismanagement and corruption that are the main cause of the great unrest in the region as well as being the main reason why the people have lost complete faith in the Government.

Endless Facades & No Laws For The Leaders

Government policies have brought about higher unemployment and inflation which is only worsened by the fact that international investment is at an all-time low, Parsi added.

“The nuclear deal is overwhelmingly supported by the Iranian public, but there was an expectation that much more economic development would come out of it,” Parsi said.

“Corruption in Iran is ingrained in the political and financial institutions that are the country’s backbone,” (Dr. Majid Rafizadeh).

It’s gotten so bad that the Iranian Government has to bring a political or business figure to court on charges of corruption to try and defuse the rising tensions. Most recently, billionaire Babak Zanjani has been put on trial, accused of embezzling $2.7 billion from the government-owned petroleum company but as of now he has yet to be brought to justice and the case has fallen through and being forgotten.

While some might believe that the Government would at least carry out judgment, Instead they put on a façade to alleviate people’s frustration over the economic difficulties they face. In most situation, these sentences are closed or the sentences are kept secret after months of trial with no legal explanation. In the very few cases that actually see it through to the end, the culprit in most cases is someone that tried to go against the party leaders or ended up somehow against a certain faction.

If the government really wanted to fight corruption, the first step would be to properly enforce article 142 of the constitution, which states:

“The assets of the Leader, the President, the deputies to the President, and ministers, as well as those of their spouses and offspring, are to be examined before and after their term of office by the head of the judicial power, in order to ensure they have not increased in a fashion contrary to law.”

The Blame Game Never Ends

Blaming other for its own mistakes is something that the Iranian Government is exceptionally good at and Saudi Arabia just so happens to be the target for the majority of their excuses. Rather than focusing on their own countries crisis’s the Iranian Government is focused on dragging the Saudi Kingdoms name through the mud even though they offer immeasurably better living standards for their people and in comparison have less corruption.

A fine example of Iran blaming Saudi Arabia for all its shortcoming and mistakes is the fact it accused the kingdom of orchestrating hostilities in the country which has been proven to be baseless and false. According to an annual State Department report that pointed to ISIS as the primary non-state threat to US interests and allies, Iran remains the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism. While terrorism around the world declined last year, according to the Country Reports on Terrorism 2016. But Iran continues to destabilize the Middle East through proxies such as Hezbollah, exacerbating conflicts in Iraq, Syria, and Yemen for which it likes to pin the blame on Saudi Arabia.

Violation Of Human Rights

After talking Millions of Dollars from the US and accepting aid from many other countries, Rowhani’s promises to improve the standards of its people and improve human rights have not even begun ye be fulfilled.

Rather than even trying to change the situation for the better, his government hasn’t even decided to challenge the three major institutions that set the boundaries for human rights, civil liberties, and social justice: the IRGC, Iran’s intelligence (Etela’at) and the judiciary. This has led to mass executions that go against international standards and the cries of the people are being just as easily ignored as they have been all this time.

Whether the new wave of protests will make a difference or not is something only time will tell but one thing that is clear is that everyone around the world now knows just how corrupt, greedy and non-Muslim the leaders of Iran are.

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Good article, well done! Keep up the good job.

PressWP December 6, 2018 at 8:12 pm

An excellently written article that exposes the Iranian regime for what it is, Thanks, well done.


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