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Iran Regime’s Supreme Leader Khamenei, Negotiation or not the Crisis of no Solution

By Hossein Gandomy

Khamenei clearly said in his recent speech that neither War will happen nor we will negotiate with the USA.

The question is whether it’s his last word? And won’t he negotiate at all?

It seems that Khamenei has spoken clearly but why the negotiation fight is still on the table of the regime? Because Khamenei is so weak that his word holds no weight!

More importantly, matters in the real world of people in positions of power, before being based on the speaker, or before being weak or strong, must be seen as how much is based on the realities.

Despite his position of power, he is still weak. In fact, Khamenei’s word is worthless because it is far removed from the reality. The reality is that in the power balance equation,  the regime is at the weakest point at the moment. Of course, he himself somewhere said the negotiation can be done where the Islamic republic would be at an acceptable power level, economically and literally.  What did he mean by this?

It means an obvious concession to the weakness in the present time which he is in. Therefore, the other side of the negotiation table can dictate what they want.

But looking at the situation from the other side, it seems he hasn’t any power to refuse to negotiate at all. So now the question is whether he has the strength to not negotiate? And does he have any other option but to negotiate?

One of regime’s news press (Jahane San-at) wrote:

“Sometimes we could negotiate behind the curtains and give slogans against the US but now someone has come to the power who doesn’t accept it. Let’s clearly negotiate”! Referring to President Trump of course.

The regime’s media continues this False and Deceptive Propaganda but this will not last long. Which is pointing to Khamenei’s slogans and chants, and continues to say if the world has two options to choose America’s isolation or Iran’s, certainly will choose Iran regime’s.

Iran regime is so weak in both options. It can’t negotiate because it has no strength and also can’t refuse it because has no capability to stand in front of the USA, and this is the main regime’s crisis. The crisis of no solution!

While you add the continuation of Iranian recent uprising which grows up more and more in different cities connecting to the well-organized main opposition(NCRI and MEK/PMOI), as regime’s authorities fear and getting feared of them every day and night.

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