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Why “No Commentary Walkthroughs” are Important for This Site !

CoffeeAs we get older we gamers begin to distribute our precious time very differently.

Anyhow, watching let’s plays was very convenient for me because I would get a chance to see how some of my unfinished games unfold while lying down in bed using my Android phone.

Why do you have unfinished games you say?   Well, there several reasons for this.  For example,

  • The game is just too damn hard!
  • The game is just too damn long!
  • The game is just too damn NSFW for a family guy like me!

Some examples of games like these include: Ninja Gaiden, S.T.A.L.K.E.R ,and Catherine.


There also several other reasons to watch lets plays.

  • Game is not available anymore.
  • Game is played but using mods that would enhance graphics if the game did not age very well.  I enjoyed watching FF7 on PSP but loved the modded version played online.
  • Game is not particularly interesting enough for your particular taste to warrant it’s price tag for your particular wallet.  in my case, I love Niche JRPGs but would not go and buy every 1st person shooter that’s released.
  • Gamefaqs are too oldschool for you and you want to see for yourself how it’s done in order to learn how to overcome an obstacle in the game and move on.  Lets face it, you can never be like those gamers who beat hard games in ways you would never have dreamed of.
  • Game is Japan only and frankly my dear, you will never learn Japanese even if your life depended on it.  Luckily, there are blessed souls out there who will not only play it fully for your viewing pleasure but even go on to add subtitles for the whole thing.  What can you do but subscribe to their channels and pray for them as much as possible you sinful lazy human being!?


In this project, I plan on making an archive of some of the best “No Commentary” Let’s plays from around the web and save them locally in case they get deleted from the “ether”.

This will be a very slow process but I plan on enjoying it and sincerely hope you enjoy it as well.


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