If You Hesitate In Supporting The Iranian Uprising After This Then Your Heart Is Of Stone!

The catastrophe of children’s death due to frostbite in the earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah is painful news. This is happening during these very cold days and it comes from the earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah in western Iran.

Despite the denial of the governor of quake riddled province of Kermanshah. Some MPs and Iranian regime’s media outlets report an increase in the mortality rate of children due to cold weather in the earthquake-stricken areas.

Following the breaking of the news regarding the death of several children due to frostbite in earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah and confirmation by two members of the regime’s parliament, the state-run Sharq newspaper wrote on Saturday January 27 that at least three other children dies in these areas.

Following the death of a four-month-old baby, it was reported on Saturday that a 17-year-old disabled child and a one-and-half year old child died due to cold weather in these areas and lack of any support or medical attention by the regime’s officials.

The state-run Sharq newspaper wrote in its report on Saturday that in addition to two young children, Sarina and Mohammad, who according to their families died in the freezing cold in earthquake-stricken Kermanshah due to lack of any proper shelter and medical care, “two other children and another teenage girl should also be added to this list.”

Last week, Shahab Naderi, member of the regime’s parliament from the city of Paveh in Kermanshah, without giving any details reported that several people died in the earthquake-stricken areas (of Kermanshah) due to frostbite.

In addition, the state-run Etemad Online website published a news on Friday January 26 confirming that several earthquake-stricken people (children) died in the area due to frostbite.

Infant in earthquake-stricken area of Iran dies of coldSarina, 2 years old child who died due to frostbite in Sarpolzahab Who will pay for this??!Something needs to be done NOW!

Earlier this website published an interview with the regime’s governor of Kermanshah, in which he “strongly” denied the deaths of some earthquake victims due to the cold and said: “One hundred percent sure that nobody in the areas affected by the earthquake died due to the cold.”

However, the state-run Mashreq newspaper has now published the names of a teenager and a child who died due to the cold in the region: “Noushin Mohammadi, a 17-years-old disabled girl died on Thursday, and Matiyar Shamaii, one-and-half-year-old child who died 40 days ago in Sarpol Zahab” due to the cold and lack of any proper shelter.

In addition, Sharq newspaper wrote: “a two-year-old boy in Sarpol Zahab also died about 25 days ago but his name is not revealed yet.”

The report said: “On December 24, Matiyar died on the street after catching a cold and in his death certificate the cause of his death was mentioned as respiratory disease.”

While no government official has shown any reaction, Sharq reaction quoting a former official reported the death of 5 children under the age of five.

Fatemeh Daneshvar, a former member of Tehran’s city council and manager of Mehr-Afarin charity center in an interview with Sharq said: “so far, we have received the news about the death of five children under the age of five and these deaths were due to the cold.”

An earthquake of 7.3 Richter scale hit Kermanshah on November 11, 2017, in which more than 600 people died and thousands of houses destroyed.

This is another reason for Iran uprising. The uprising will continue until the final victory and overthrow of the corrupt and criminal Mullahs in Iran.


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Very good article. Thank you .

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Great! appreciate for publishing this article, we all must support #IranUprising. #Iran will be free soon.


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