How to Spot a Fake Fiancée: The Khashoggi Case

UPDATE/ Apparently he was dead as a result of a fight that broke out in the consulate!  This report is still 100% accurate nonetheless!

The Saudi government is being falsely accused of killing or abducting its own citizen in their consulate in Istanbul. He is known to be a critic of Saudi Arabia. His name is Jamal Khashoggi The accuser is an alleged fiancé of Khashoggi. As Khashoggi was approaching the consulate he gives his phone to Hatice as she has stated herself in a tweet. Khashoggi enters and allegedly never comes out!

Khashoggi Has Died and so has Free Speech on Social Media!

My Name is Dr. Majed Aleisa. I am the Editor in Chief of the Middle East Guardians. Our website is not up yet hence we are here today. The team and I have recently discovered that the picture circulated by news outlets CNN and The Washington Post of Hatice taking a selfie with Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi is not real. Hetice was inserted in the photo!

The Propaganda-Mafia against Saudi Arabia & the Disappearance of JAMAL KHASHOGGI

MSM does not want you to see this!

The aftermath of this discovery is the suspension of my personal account and the Middle East Guardians account along with our very good friends’ accounts at The Herald.Report and their Editor in Chief. Four accounts were shut down by Twitter at the same time. has also denied access to our threads to prevent our twitter threads from being circulated on Twitter and elsewhere on the web.

Additionally, our private and secret accounts with different emails used to register them were all suspended.
We are dealing with Intelligence Agencies!

The fabrication of the photo was because of another tweet on October 8th in which we questioned the nonexistence of any photos of the two sitting by each other or in a private setting. Therefore, they tried to cover any loose ends. This led them to commit an even more grave error, which is the fabrication of a photo to try to establish a relationship between Khashoggi and Hatice. This could end up becoming evidence of criminal compliance by CNN and The Washington Post in aiding a possible case of murder or abduction. Twitter suspension of our accounts could also be investigated in trying to cover up our exposing of the political scam CNN and The Washington Post are possibly a part of. Till the date of publishing, these articles are still using that photo. If they apologize their credibility is ruined and if they don’t they will be investigated when Hatice becomes officially the main suspect of abducting or killing Khashoggi.

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Later we learned that the head of the Iranian lobby was gloating about suspending The Herald.Report twitter accounts along with their Editor-in-Chief. He is merely covering for CNN and The Washington Post for getting all our accounts banned from Twitter in the same instance. This only shows how the Muslim Brotherhood headed by Iran has an influence on the mainstream media “MSM”.

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The fabrication of the photo is clearly an attempt to try to prove what is really a nonexistent intimate relationship between Khashoggi and Hatice. The main propaganda tool is Hatice. The MSM is using her to attack the Saudis. If the world stops believing she is his fiancé the world will have a very different opinion regarding the Khashoggi case.

The evidence against Hatice claims of being Khashoggi’s fiancée are abundant. First Khashoggi’s son Abdullah was with his father for two weeks before he disappeared, and he never mentioned her even as a friend. Additionally, there are no photos of a celebration of their engagement. Furthermore, we could not find any pictures of her showing an engagement ring on her finger prior to his disappearance. Lastly, we couldn’t find any photos of them together alone in the same picture.

After conducting a thorough analysis of the conversations between Khashoggi and Hatice on Twitter, our team found that Hatice had mentioned Khashoggi 10 times. Khashoggi only replied once! Furthermore, in her tweet, she says she was going to celebrate his 60th birthday on the 13th of October when in his passport it states that he was born in January, 1958 and he is not 60 years old! “EDIT: He became 60 months ago!”Tweet below added for clarification.

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An important observation is that we found that Khashoggi is following 650 765 Twitter accounts. Hatice was number 766 742 in his Twitter following order. He had followed Hatice and followed another 23 Twitter accounts after that. If further analysis on his Twitter account (we are currently working on) finds that Khashoggi added Hatice on or after the day of going missing, that would further support our belief that she is a primary suspect that will lead us to learn everything we need to know.

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After examination of the consulate’s external CCTV, our team has the following observations. The leaked video images of Khashoggi entering the consulate is available but there are no ongoing raw video of the consulate door for a few hours. Which leads us to believe that we are only being shown CCTV footage of what supports their goal of setting up Saudi Arabia. We believe he has exited the consulate and he was abducted away from the consulate.

The Photoshop image was used to make sure people buy Hatice’s fiancée status relationship in order to justify keeping Khashoggi’s phone. The MSM is saying sounds of torture were transmitted from Khashoggi’s iPhone to his Apple Watch. By looking at Hatice standing distance from the Saudi consulate we find there is no way Khashoggi’s iPhone could pick up any data from his Apple Watch. The latest Apple Watch supports Bluetooth 4.2 and the range is very limited especially when there are brick walls for the signal to go through. Additionally, Turkey does not have cellular date available on the Apple Watch.

There is no conclusion yet and we will need to wait for official statements from the Saudis and the Turks. Any news before this is just gossip. Always keep in mind logical questions; Are the Saudis stupid to kill him in their own consulate with CCTV surveillance cameras rolling? Does it sound like a setup now?

Editor’s note: Although what Majed clearly meant by “Kill” in the title was to kill the narrative of the Fiancee, many readers expressed concern that their Twitter accounts might be banned as a result of sharing. Therefore, we changed the word to “spot: in the title based on constructive feedback. We know Twitter is looking for any trivial reason to shut down accounts of good people online and we do not want to see our friends share the same fate as our staff.

Also Note: This is his real family that the media never mentions! We had the tweet with these pics but the user was obviously suspended by Twitter for posting them. It goes against the narrative they were pushing!

His real beautiful wife

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Majed Aleisa P.h.D

Majed Aleisa P.h.D

I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Middle East Guardians. Formally I was the Assistant Editor at Herald.Report. What we do at MEG is expose fake news with real evidence and always make sure we provide an eye-opening argument. We exposed CNN, the Washington Post, as we will demonstrate in our first article which we decided to share with my old readers. We are banned from Twitter for our thorough work. We now have a safe base to distribute our articles at our accounts are @MajedAleisa and @MEGuardians. Our website is (not up yet) Enjoy the ride!

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