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And Yet Again, Another Houthi Missile Shot Down Over Saudi Arabia! This Time The Target Was ARAMCO

Breaking: Saudi Arabia just announced it downed another “Iranian made-Hizbullah smuggled” Missile fired at Saudi Arabia. This time, however, the target was not so random because it happens to be the place of the biggest company in the world!


And in some very good news, a very murderous member of the Houthi militia was targeted and neutralized in Yemen. He was responsible for countless murders and torture of innocent Yemeni civilians.

Yesterday, another Missile was fired on a random target on Saudi land which was shot down by the very advanced Saudi Military. 100+ Missiles were fired by the “Iranian backed-Hezbollah supported” terrorist organization in Yemen.  If the Saudis are going to retaliate they will definitely do so in a big way against Iran and it’s proxies in the Arab world.

Two weeks ago, the night above the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia illuminated, but those lights were a presage of pandemonium that lies beyond the borders and serves as a reminder to the kingdom how they are in the midst of this unfortunate war.

Saudi forces claim to have shot down the incoming seven missiles and avert any large scale travesty however the malignant onslaught took a life of an Egyptian and another two were wounded as a result of debris falling from the missiles.

Three of missiles were directed for Capital Riyadh while the other three were steered towards southern cities, Jizan and Khamis Mushait, which lies in the southwest.Along the southern border lies city of Najran, which was also a target for one of the missiles.

The strikes came from a war-stricken nation of Yemen which is in an unforgiving war with the Houthi rebels who are backed by Iran. The Houthi movement threatens to carry out more strikes like this unless Saudi Arabia stops the advancement in Yemen.

These assaults have happened before, late last year, the Saudis prevented two missiles aimed for Riyadh, after those Rebels have constantly targeted the Saudi border. The lamentable war began in early 2015 and latest attack on KSA marked the anniversary of Houthi rebel outbreak where they came pouring from the north and got rid of the U.S backed President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi and his government from the region. The Houthi were the minority, residing in the north. They are backed by Iran and they are followers of Shia Islamic branch of Zaidism known as Zaidis they make up third of Yemen’s population. The rebellion, however, has since then aggravated to an all-out multi-sided war with the involvement of al-Qaeda and ISIS as well.

The fragments from the annihilated missiles fell on the residential area which proved that attack wasn’t just a warning but it bore malice as it was launched indiscriminately to target civilian areas. The attacks happened while the Saudi Crown Prince was away on his tour of the west and currently visiting America, the side which has been backing Saudi military advancements in Yemen and contended the Saudi rights for its Self-Defense.

The Saudi and U.S. have held Iran responsible for sowing the root for unrest in the region, aiding the Houthi cause by providing them weapons but they have stood unhinged ratifying the missile strikes as a just response to Saudi military involvement in the war.

The missile launching towards populated areas is a clear violation of UN resolutions and international humanitarian law and will cause to rapidly intensify the already chaotic situation in the region. Iran is sure to face more than heat than ever for its role as the active support of the Houthi rebels for the missiles origins are being traced back to Tehran.

The missile irruption, however, serves to further the U.S cause in Yemen and in particular of Ambassador Nikki Haley who is raising the agenda to impugn Iran for its continuous aid of terror groups and missile activity.

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