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Hillary and Private Prisons

As the incarceration and immigration issues are becoming a crucial part of the political discourse in the United States, the Democrats- have talked a good game about fairness, but their nominees still take huge amounts of campaign contributions from private for-profit prisons. The lobbyists for the two major prison companies- Corrections Corporation of America and the Geo Group- are serving as the top fundraisers for Democrats.

The Private prisons have a well-documented history of providing the candidates of all levels and hiring the lobbyists to get in good relation with the presidential elections. The implication is that the laws that govern the incarceration and crime are delivering more profits to the private prison companies. It will be problematic if the Democrats employ the same tactics or accept the money from the same industry from which the Republicans are accepting money. The private prison industry does not belong in the mainstream of the Democratic Party and they need commitments and real accountability. Clinton has made many moves regarding criminal justice issues after launching her bid of 2016. But she admitted that she will crack down on “sanctuary cities” which will lead to many more immigrants detained in the private prisons that are raising money for Clinton’s Presidential Campaign which is exactly what President Trump is doing at the moment!

This will become a totally different type of fundraising tie if many people who work in the private prisons are going online and submitting their donations in favor of the Democrats campaigns or the Republicans campaigns. As profiters, the private prison lobbyists are expecting a return on their investment as well.

It’s important to remember just what’s at stake here. We know the private prisons are earning outsized influence already, these private companies are using their considerable financial influence by pressurizing the law makers.

Both political parties chose to remain quiet on the subject while formally announcing her candidacy. She addressed “hard truth” of a need for criminal justice reform and racial discrimination.

We say that by choosing to earn profits is the worst motive for making new laws that govern punishment and crime or for running the private prisons.

This will also create an opportunity to uncover the relationship and profits of private prison industry and politicians. The financial contribution is toxic and it’s time to push Clinton to a better political place on criminal justice. Our target will affect the DNC and Democratic Party leaders as well. Hillary Clinton will get our full support after she fires the bundles and do not acquire profits from these prisons.

We have a right to expect that our leaders will not deal with the profits of prisons that undermine our community. And we need to speak out now to make sure they stand with us, not with wealthy corporations when it comes time to a vote. The primaries are coming up fast so don’t forget about this important humanitarian issue.

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