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GCC Summit to Counter Iran and Promote Regional Peace

On May 30th 2019, the emergency meeting known as the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) will be held to address the growing instability in the region. Following the recent attacks on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia and the commercial shipping off the UAE coast has raised alarms to which the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was quick the react to. The impeding compliance of the treaty signed by the members in the previous GCC has resulted in the destruction of four commercial ships, till now.

Although the mantle of conducting the investigation is being taken up by UAE, however, it is being speculated that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) were behind the attacks. It is common knowledge that this terrorist group is attacking on the whims of the Iranian government who is looking for a way out of the US sanctions that have halted its oil export.

The drone attacks on Saudi oil pipelines claimed by the Houthis in Yemen have further clarified the intentions of Iran who is living up to its threat of disrupting the oil supply lines in case of further sanctions.

To counter the provocations of Iran and to get the world on board, the GCC is a perfect platform for the kingdom to promote peace in addition to stating its own point of view. The members of the GCC have already built a strong joint defense system that will likely be put into a discussion to counter any future attacks against the members of the council.

UAE whole-heartedly accepted Saudi invitation and stated that it shows the undying determination of the kingdom to bring peace and stability into the region.

The foreign ministry applauded the leading role played by King Salman in “unifying Arab ranks and coordinating Arab stances.”

The statement read that “The current critical circumstances entail a unified Arab and Gulf stance toward the besetting challenges and risks,” and lauded King Salman for providing “significant opportunity for the countries of the region to achieve their aspirations for establishing peace and stability and ensuring our joint security, sovereignty, and achievements.”

The United States of America have long been pointing out these issues and that threats that Iran has been causing in the region. The long-time allies in Saudi Arabia and the US have been leading from the front when it comes to efforts to promote peace in the region that would be beneficial for everybody.

The crown prince King Mohammad Bin Salman spoke on the phone with the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo regarding the join efforts to bring stability and calm in the region and end this ever-looming war.

King Mohammad Bin Salman’s invitation has also been sent to Qatar to the GCC to discuss “aggression and their consequences”. Qatar which has been banned by the rest of the Gulf states have finally been called upon owing to the unprecedented situation that has occurred because of the miss-actions of Iran. As the mutual beneficiary of peace in the region, it would in the best interest of Qatar to accept this welcoming invitation.

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