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After Iran’s Failed Terrorist Attack on France soil; France Chooses not Introduce a new Ambassador to Tehran

France will not introduce a new ambassador to Tehran unless the Iranian government has provided Iran with information on its failed terrorist operations in Paris against the gathering of the Mojahedin.
Each failure of the Iranian regime to hit the Mojahedin runs the conditions quickly against the regime and in favor of the alternative.

France no new ambassador to Tehran! if…

In fact, the conditions for the mullahs are worse than bad.

The introduction of the new French ambassador to Tehran has been postponed until more information is provided by the Iranian regime. These statements were announced by French authorities on Wednesday, September 19th. The information that the Iranian regime must provide to France is related to a bombing campaign foiled by the Iranian opposition in Paris in June.

From that point on, French relations with the Iranian regime have been affected by this failed terrorist operation against the massive gathering of the PMOI in Paris. Although France has not introduced a new ambassador this summer after his ambassador left Tehran, as the French presidential source stated, the Charge d’Affaires of their embassy in Tehran is at the highest level of negotiation with the Iranian authorities.

The Mullahs government has promised to provide French information in the coming weeks! The continuation of normal relations between France and the Iranian regime depends on providing such information.

However, the “source” of the French presidency did not specify that the failure of the Ambassador to have a direct relationship with the discovery and foil of the terrorist operations of the Iranian regime in Paris. But this lack of clarity, combined with the adoption of diplomatic terms, was offset by a French diplomat who naturally did not have the presidency’s limits.

Step by step

The French diplomatic source said the introduction of the new ambassador was actually suspended as a result of the terrorist plan. [Reuters September 18, 2018]

Earlier it was announced that France had urged its diplomats and other staff to travel to Iran with no specific missions and no other travels to Iran.

This decision was followed by the discovery of a terrorist plot of the Iranian regime against the gathering of the PMOI in Paris.

French Foreign Ministry spokesman “Maurice Gordou Montten,” wrote in a statement August 20th that “the behavior of Iranian officials has signaled a sharpening of their position vis-à-vis our country, as well as some of our allies.”

Any hurry in relations with France can have a broad concept for Iran. France is one of the strongest advocates for maintaining the 2015 nuclear deal, the same as the deal between Iran and the world powers. An agreement that US President Donald Trump pulled out in May.

Iran’s economy is under the influence of the tensions stemming from the resumption of US sanctions; the sanctions that ended in the end. European countries, including France, have been pledging to halt economic pressure on Iran, but have been incapable of persuading their companies to confront the US and remain in Iran so far.

The total is leading the withdrawal of European companies from Iran as a major oil and gas company, and French automakers, the PSA and Renault, are worried about Washington’s transboundary sanctions.

This reflects the rapid pace of isolation of the mullahs’ terrorist regime, which even European partners are no longer able to give up irrefutable evidence of the terrorist acts of this regime.

France, whose commercial companies have had a long history of violating human rights in Iran (due to the cooperation of these companies with the mullahs government, they prolonged this rule, resulting in an increase in the number of Iranian citizens killed by mullahs)

In an internal memo from the French Foreign Ministry, he stressed how France’s trust in the rule of Tehran is going away, which is increasingly eroding, even when the French President Emanuel Macron negotiates to maintain peace.

Iran says it has nothing to do with the plan to attack the National Council of Resistance of Iran on June 30th.

Germany arrested an Austrian diplomat based in Austria. Belgium, as the country where the bomb plot was discovered, has requested the extradition of the diplomat.

The French authorities did not provide more details on this issue, but diplomatic sources privately say that if Iran’s involvement in this plan is proven, it would be difficult for France to show a strong reaction.

In fact, it is now up to France to document the more direct involvement of the mullahs in this assassination, by which they want to formalize their separation from the mullahs.

But what is the reality?

The ruling dictatorship in Tehran to preserve its survival is the only way to bring a qualitative blow to the PMOI. In this way, the mullahs’ intelligence community runs three projects simultaneously:

  1. An assassination attempt, especially at the head of the Mojahedin abroad, as early as this summer attempted to employ his diplomat in Austria and activate two terrorist groups in Belgium and France.

Previously, the Iranian regime was attempting to launch a major gathering of Mojahedin at the beginning of the New Year in Tirana aimed at a terrorist attack that had been defeated prior to its execution.

Khamenei knows that in order to survive the regime in the face of the continuing insurrection in the country and the failure of the international appeasement policy should lead to the physical removal of the PMOI leadership.

After the resumption of the uprising, the “finger of the point” of the regime has alluded to the Mojahedin.

From top to bottom, the regime unexpectedly called the Mojahedin “recalling”, “organizing” and “guiding” the uprising.

The regime is doing everything in order to achieve this goal, but every time it fails, the situation is doubled against the regime.

  1. To launch a campaign aimed at defaming the alternative in Western public opinion, as broadcast in two short reports in Al Jazeera English and British Channel 4

Reports of course, both of which are unwittingly appealing to the audience: A powerful Iranian opposition organization based in Europe is afraid of the mullahs terrorist regime.

And according to the old principle, the enemy of my enemy is my friend

The people of Europe “value” the understanding of the presence of the Mojahedin in European soil

Of course, I must point out that Javad Zarif started sighing after the social networking of Twitter and Facebook and Google blocked the accounts of the mullahs.

  1. Identify, arrest and out of Insurgent centers in the country as engine rebel uprising.

But the most important point is that any failed operations in each of the three following situations rapidly accelerate the situation in favor of the PMOI and against the Iranian regime, except that the failure of the terrorist operation in Paris has led the PMO more than ever to The focus of the regime’s relations with France and the international community has been put.

As the regime’s end is approaching, this trend is accelerating, as the developments of this year are not comparable with the last month of this month and day.

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