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Former Trump Aid Sam Nunberg Admits Doing Illegal Stuff?! Updated:

Update: Sam Nunberg appears to have finally “caved” to the mounting pressure and is now going to testify to a Grand Jury

Original Article: Mar 6, 2018

Former Donald Trump aide Sam Nunberg in an interview that can only be described as extraordinary that he would defy a grand jury subpoena from Robert Mueller the current acting head of the FBI, Surprisingly in that same interview, he went on to say that the president “may have done something” illegal which has opened the gates to more conspiracy theories as well as having stirred up the current political climate even more.

Speaking with the Washington Post and then on MSNBC, he said that he was going to defy the investigation as he has no reason to cooperate with the Investigation. FBI Director Mueller has indicted 13 Russians and four former Trump aides, three from the latter group have already entered plea deals for cooperating except for Sam Nunberg.

Naturally, following the meltdown, Democrats were more than happy to take a swing at Sam Nunberg and Donald Trump along with him.

He also told MSNBC host Katy Tur that he thought the candidate “may have done something” illegal during the election to which he did go on to say that “I don’t know that for sure.” He then went to tell Tur he would not co-operate with Mueller, citing it as a witch hunt to which he won’t be a part of.

“Why do I have to spend 80 hours going over my email? That I’ve had with Steve Bannon and Roger Stone? Why does Bob Mueller need to see my emails when I send Roger and Steve clips and we talk about how much we hate people?”

In the middle of his breakdown on live TV Nunberg also said that if Trump had not won the Republican primary, “he was probably going to endorse Hillary Clinton”.

To take things even further, Nunberg went on to show the press a copy of his subpoena which included a list of names of the people the special counsel is seeking information on. This list included some rather interesting individuals like Hicks, former White House strategist Steve Bannon, Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, Lewandowski and Stone along with many more. Needless to say, the White House didn’t say quite about this for long.

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took the stage to dismiss the comments made by Nunberg and reaffirm the people that they have nothing to hide and there has been no collusion.

“I’m not going to weigh into someone who doesn’t work at the White House,” she said. “From our perspective, we’re going to cooperate with the special counsel’s office and the reason we’re so comfortable doing so is there was absolutely no collusion with the Trump campaign.”

Nunberg also asked Tur for advice, saying: “What do you think Mueller is going to do to me?”

Tur responded: “I’m not a lawyer, I don’t know but given the circumstances, you might be held in contempt of court.”

This is, of course, a devious method of squeezing money out of people who just can’t afford it, just as our favorite “Morning Joe”  cast point out, the White House never pays for these kinds of legal fees.

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