The Iranian Revolution

Fake Tweets of the Iranian System; The Lying Empire

The Empire of lies has a labyrinthine network of thousands of websites and social media accounts to be published by the Iranian regime and push “fake news” as much as possible. Of course, it should be noted in parentheses that Twitter does not always work properly !!! Because in many cases they are attacking the accounts of good people while neglecting the obvious trolls and shills.

The reason why the Iranian regime continues to expand these repressive measures is the intolerance of the international community to anyone who opposes them. This in itself requires the European Union and the United States to finally reverse course and take action.

Twitter and the Iranian experience

Twitter announces millions of fake tweetings from Iran, which have been publishing false news since 2009 with the aim of influencing politics.

For those living in Iran, exposure to false news from the Islamic Caliphate is not new at all. In public opinion, government media and in particular social media are accused of lying, forging news and reversing reality. The word censorship is familiar in the fields of publishing, cinema, and music.

The monarchy of the divine rule of the jurisprudent, which itself was founded on the basis of a false interpretation of Islam, just can say anything truthful even if they wanted to.

Twitters managers are unknowingly and unintentionally very great help to the Iranian regime because they are closing many accounts that belong to human rights defenders in Iran who are struggling for freedom in Iran. Of course, that is if we are being very generous towards Twitter’s higher-ups’ intentions

The Empire of lies just keeps on Lying

With the rise of social networks in Iran and among Iranians around the world, loudspeakers of the system did not work as efficiently as it used to. They created destruction during the entire period of their rule in all the areas that they occupy.  They now also wish to spread falsehood in the social media arena. They set up a lying “E-Empire” with a network of websites and accounts, whereby a lie was nurtured in a nesting network. No wonder Twitter has announced in its recent disclosure of 770 fake accounts that they actually originate from Iran. These Twitter accounts are definitely not the only part of the Mullahs’ “lie” empire!

One should not believe the rulers of Iran, because lying is a part of their belief system. For example, Khomeini, who was in Paris, talked about rights and freedoms, but when he came to Iran and the famous journalist Oriana Fallaci asked him about his promises, guess what did Khomeini say? Khomeini calmed down and said that he was lying!

The Lies Campaign Introduction To Terror

The news of the closure of these Iranian regime accounts, along with the news of the arrest of the IRGC’s terror and intelligence teams in Europe and the United States has definitely been received very well by the Iranian people around the world.

Experience has shown that every terrorist operation has a wide field of propaganda. deception campaigns to mobilize the minds of the audience to invade a subject and make it a “legitimate” purpose for terrorist teams.

With a glance at the activities of networks related to the Iranian system in cyberspace, It can be seen that the volume of propagation of lies against the The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran who are endorsed by the Whitehouse and is considered a central force for to face the regime and become the preferred alternative to the people of Iran.

To what extent have they provided the propaganda and psychological background for the terrorist activities and spying in the European and American forces against them?

What are the motives of the IRGC to appear on Twitter? This is a question that Mehdi Mohammadi was trying to answer as he is an expert on the IRGC’s intelligence activities.
Mehdi Mohammadi

“Do you think the national network should be set up like Twitter?” Asked Tasnim, a news agency affiliated with the terrorist  Quds Force, asking Mehdi Mohammadi. The Corps intelligence expert replies: “It’s a good job, but it’s time to be able to set an example on Twitter, which requires the opponent to play on the pitch.”In this way, he confirms that the launch of the national network of Internet and social networks under the control of the system has been a prematurely failed project.

Mehdi Mohammadi focuses on Twitter in particular and says: “Currently, Twitter is the main venue for the formation of major media streams. The main issue in Twitter is creativity and organization. ”

“When you are in a vicious circle of war and you are affected by the results, it’s not worthwhile,” said the IRGC intelligence expert. The art is to go into the enemy world and learn how to fight in that environment, while the saying that Twitter is completely the enemy’s environment is debatable.

This is true in terms of infrastructure, but in content, when the revolutionary process succeeds, it can eventually capture content.

Last winter, at a press conference in Washington, Alireza Jafarzadeh introduced the book “Iran, Cyber Repression, How the Revolutionary Guard Corps used cyber warfare to maintain religious tyranny.”

With the onset of the uprising, various governorates of the Velayat-e faqih system announced that they were one of the most effective tools of the uprising of social networks through which calls were made and the issue of communication was resolved, which was why immediately it was attempting to filter telegrams and Instagrams. This did not mean, of course, that the system of Velayat-e faqih had not already begun a cyber war against the people; The allocation of a lot of people and a significant budget to dominate cyberspace was something the system had started years ago.

The purpose of this activity was to induce the strength of the system and the weakness of the opposition, along with spying and controlling the activity of users on the Internet.

At the press conference in Washington, Alireza Jafarzadeh, deputy director of the National Council of Representatives, said: “In this book, explaining the uprisings of the Iranian people, the emphasis was placed on the major role of mobile devices and social messaging systems in organizing insurgents and exchanging information between different locations inside Iran. “The use of cybercriminals is the use of the Achilles heel of the regime because, despite the regime’s entry into the scene, it was unable to expand it.”

“The attacks of the virtual world that the regime in Iran is committing should not be considered apart from the severe crackdown on the interior, the issuance of terrorism, and its expansion plan,” said the deputy director of the National Council of Resistance in Washington. The reason why the Iranian regime can continue to expand these repressive measures is the intolerance of the international community. This in itself requires the European Union and the United States to take action ”

Cyber Army

At the end of the Tasnim (news agency affiliated with the Quds Force) interview with Mehdi Mohammadi, he dismisses the curtains and says about the role of the cyber army: “Revolutionary institutions to support the faithful and revolutionary forces who have entered spontaneously and spontaneously”

“It is the duty of broad support for the revolutionary struggles of youth and religious forces, that is to say, as far as possible, they must support them. Essentially, the main task of the institutions mentioned is to create the empowerment of intellectual corporations and to support the operation of religious and revolutionary forces in virtual spaces, Revolutionary and communicative forces, joining and creating space for further engagement; co-operation and co-operation with each other in Tweets and Cyberspace is a very important issue that should be addressed by revolutionary institutions. “[March 28, 2018]

Free Internet Protection

On March 12, 2009, Reporters Without Borders and Amnesty International wrote to the heads of Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo:

“We write this letter on behalf of the organization” Reporters Without Borders “and” Amnesty International “on March 12, 2009, which marks the International Day for the Eradication of Internet Censorship.

The International Day of Countering Internet Censorship is one day to protect and promote the free Internet as an open window to the world, and one day to counter the attacks that point to the free flow of information. “Because of the importance of freedom of expression and information, we ask you not to filter any of your blogging search engines or blogs on this day anywhere in the world. ”

The new world in the area of communication is completely different from what was previously seen in publicity and communication in the public domain; Once an audit officer could filter out the leaf of a book before publishing it, and filter it anywhere, against the interests of the government or associates. It used to be the publication of newspapers who could have endangered the writer of the article or the report’s writer and ended the work of closing the newspaper and arresting its publishers.

Network communication course

Despite all the censorship and oppression and filters, Social Media has opened its doors to qualitatively balance the scales in favor of freedom and against the force of suppression; but this does not mean that censorship and suppression of cybercriminals have not become more severe and complicated.

What is the real fear of the regime?

“Tirana robots”; as used by Mohammad Javad Zarif to name the Mojahedin based in Albania; the force that the intelligence community of the system regards as the actual danger of overthrowing the Islamic caliphate! Knows.

John Kerry and “J.”

John Kerry, former US secretary of state and chief accountant of Mohammad Javad Zarif, said in a radio interview that he met “Javad” three or four times after the end of his term. According to Pompeo’s account and, of course, John Kerry’s implicit confirmation, the former foreign minister has told “Javad” to wait until the Trump government ends. In this way, John Kerry wanted to respond to “Javad’s” concerns about the conditions in which the system was in place.

But is the main concern of “Javad” from the Trump government? Javad et al. Against “Tirana Bats”

Jawad, in a tweet to Twitter, objected to why he closed accounts belonging to the Iranian regime, but the “real bots in Tirana”, which are “busy raising the propaganda of regime change,” do nothing. [Twitter Zarif September 16, 2018]

Javad means the Turan Bats, the Mojahedin is there; those who tried to massacre them in Iraq in several terrorist operations but failed. Javad’s latest efforts and his friends in the Revolutionary Guards Corps were their failed attempt of mass killings at several opposition gatherings in the west..

Javad and his colleagues then attempted to attack the gathering of more than a hundred thousand Iranians in Paris, but before the terrorist operations, terrorist teams in Belgium and France, and of course, one of the “Javad” staff, Asadullah Asadi, The commander of the operation was arrested in Germany. And was extradited to Belgium for trial.

Alternative dimensions

These days, of course, “J” is not idle!

He and his colleagues have succeeded in making two short-term TV commercials in the UK “Network 4” and Al Jazeera on the PMOI in Albania. Reports of which, of course, both of them inadvertently point out to the audience that a powerful Iranian organization has been deployed in Europe.

However, Javad’s anger does not seem to be pointed to the trump government; it can not end the anger of Javad by giving him the hope that he will wait for the Trump government to end. He is afraid of something else entilrly!

Ability to fulfill the wish

One of the sites of Javad, a member of the intelligence community of the Islamic Caliphate! He describes this concern as follows: “Who” “both have the desire to overthrow and have the immediate ability to fulfill this wish”? “Here is where the fingerprints of all will go together to the” MEK “.

“For the Mojahedin and the insurgent centers under their jurisdiction, the month of Muharram is the most appropriate time for the limb, and news and information also indicate that they are also busy in the same queues this month,” the site adds. [The site “Behvarstaneh” September 16, 2018]

The one insurgent center

The regime has focused a demonizing campaign against the Iranian opposition People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) under the leadership of Massoud Rajavi and the NCRI President Maryam Rajavi. Despite these efforts, the country’s youth have come to know this Resistance due to their presence in Iran’s social fabric and a movement seeking justice for over 30,000 political prisoners massacred in the summer of 1988 by the mullahs’ regime.

As a result, the youths and indeed the entire Iranian nation are aiming to bring an end to this corrupt regime by rising up against continuing arrests, torture and executions and the daily plundering by the mullahs corrupt officials have seen across the country

These youths are now gaining strength under the PMOI/MEK organized “Resistance Units” framework, and that is the truth Khamenei has been forced to acknowledge. The youths are continuing to play a defining role in the uprising against the mullahs’ dictatorship, raising anger among the mullahs’ regime to a significant level.

In his speech, Khamenei intended to claim his regime remains in power and has not been overthrown. Similar to Adolf Hitler, Khamenei has made the mistake of believing his regime enjoys popular support.

Khamenei went as far as claiming Iran’s youth are the “driving force” of his regime. However, he failed to mention the fact that all major decisions in this regime are in the hands of those who are the youth’s main enemies, and the enemies of all Iranians.

Khamenei Delivers Hitler-Like Speech in Azadi Stadium in Tehran

Khamenei also didn’t cloak the fact that his regime’s survival faces “a treacherous road” full of “obstacles, and is in need of a major “intellectual and practical overhaul.” However, senior regime officials are all “tired, out of steam and lacking any spirit,” he added.

We have economic problems. We have an economy relying on oil, which itself is a major problem. We also lack a culture of cutting back on consumption,” Khamenei said.

Our dissidents are using the media to influence public opinion. The media is an important tool and if the enemy gets a hold of it, it is a dangerous tool,” he emphasized. However, he didn’t mention the fact that his regime has thousands of state-controlled media outlets in the face of just a few belonging to the opposition Khamenei add

This indicates how even a low number of media outlets have been able to neutralize the regime’s media machine, and now becoming not only the voice of the Iranian people but encouraging the world to stand alongside the Iranian people and their organized resistance.

This is the status quo of a struggle between the Iranian people against the ruling mullahs. A canvas indicating a lack of legitimacy for the mullahs’ regime in the face of a resistance movement that has been able to establish strong links with the people inside Iran through “networks of social media and other outlets.”

It was crystal clear for Khamenei from the very beginning that his regime has no cure for their crises, leaving him no choice but to order “fire at will” to his forces in the Revolutionary Guards and Basij.

As a result, the final confrontation between the Iranian people and their Resistance Units on one side against the mullahs’ dictatorship on the other is imminent. And Khamenei and Zarif have the same horror. That is why the foreign mercenaries mobilized the regime in an organized manner against the resistance of Iran and its friends.

The likes of Trita Parsi, Reza Marashi, Reza Aslan, Reza Merat, British Channel 4, Al Jazeera English TV,

The CNN, American clack-like clips, such as Flip or the American Channel Trash Reporter, who are actually shamelessly self-employed and betrayed all the free journalists in the world and should be tried in court.

Closing accounts of Friends of Freedom and Resistance of Iran by Twitter! Of course, with reports of mercenaries such as Trita Parsi! This question comes to mind. Has the “Inspection of Ideas” ever returned? Twitter is a world wide network. Whether it wants to continue with the mullahs and with mercenaries such as Trita Parsi or side with the resitence remains to be answered. However, closing these freedom loving accounts at the same time really is suspicouse.

Of course, I must say that every time I mention this person in the article, I am deeply embarrassed because of the crimes that this person has committed and the betrayal that he has committed. The biggest betrayal of this person is the preservation of the criminal mullahs!

Command works cyber regime against the Iranian Resistance and its friends in the State Department, the mullahs are, however, Cyber Corps and Ministry of Intelligence and cyber-police and cyber-mobilization and 24 organisations of security. another wave of planning and plotting against the resistance is done by traitors such as Trita Parsi.

Important question:

Twitter Inc. Why is Trita Parsi still continuing his criminal activities on Twitter and promoting the Iranian Regime while his frends are already in FBI custody and he is next in line?  And to shut down accounts based on his lies is even more incomprehensible!

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