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EU’s Plan to Circumvent the Iran Sanctions!!! Smell “the Stench of Appeasement”

Mrs. Mogirini’s behavior, for me questions mark? why she continues with Mullahs! I think she can’t escape herself from this dirty deal due to the irreversible depth of political self-sale in the appeasement system with the mullahs! therefore she stands on the deal 

EU’s plan to circumvent Iran sanctions will not lead to the flow of Iranian oil

A proposal by the EU, Russia, and China to circumvent US sanctions against Iran

by using an alternative payment system, oil buyers will not have an opportunity to buy Iranian crude

My colleague, Essa Younes in his article wrote:” The fast honeymoon has passed and proved to the world that it is naive to align with the mullahs. The days have proved that the Iranian regime will not hesitate to stab its friends and allies.”

My colleague continues: “After years of policy to turn a blind eye to such suspicious activities, it is time for the international community to stop the interference of Iran’s patronage system and the first supporter of terrorism in the world. This can not be done without a common system of action among the actors In the international community, States can not fight terrorism individually, with a regime that does not respect the sovereignty of States and does not adhere to the minimum standards of diplomacy.”

Legal experts in sanctions and oil traders said the creation of a special proposal and a channel for paying off the proceeds from the sale of oil to keep up trade with Iran, which was released this week by Federica Mogherini still, oil traders remain vulnerable to punishments by the US Treasury Department against the Islamic Republic.

Daniel Martin, a sanctions expert at Holman Fenwick Willan in London, said in an announcement that “oil is not an area to be tested or used in the first phase.”

I think this relation Mullahs and EU will difficult especially after in July, that an Iranian diplomat has been charged with conspiracy to commit murder. German federal prosecutors said the Vienna-based diplomat Assadollah Assadi was suspected of contracting a couple in Belgium to attack the gathering of an exiled Iranian opposition group. They said he was suspected of having given the couple a device containing 500 grams of the explosive TATP.

Ms. Mogherini’s behavior, for me questions mark? why she continues with Mullahs! I think she can’t escape herself from this dirty deal due to the irreversible depth of political self-sale in the appeasement system with the mullahs! therefore she stands on the deal

Otherwise, why should this be in line with the mullahs’ policy? Why should you close your eyes to all the crimes of the mullahs?

Why Ms. Mogherini once did not condemn the mullahs’ terrorist acts in Europe? Why is she so traitorous to back her people?

Should the European people ask the security and foreign affairs representative for more serious questions? Is this woman really a defender of European security or a defender of mullahs against the world?

But the interesting point and thought should be seen here for Ms. Mogherini:

Major oil companies in Europe, which had previously been party to the Iranian regime, say they will refrain from fearing that US sanctions will be imposed on the new EU-Iran trade-playing mechanism.

Actually, we can Smell “the stench of appeasement” from Ms. Mogherini behavior

European Union people should be decided she remained in her position or not if EU people ask this form people in the Middle East and some other places they say no she must remove.

You look at Syria, to Yemen, to the situation in Iraq, to the situation of the Iranian people, who are under the pressure of the most fundamental dying government of everyday life.

News every day represents an overwhelming and intolerable situation of the past

In conditions that on Friday, October 5, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michel Bacheh condemned Zainab Sakavand’s execution of the clerical regime and urges Iran to stop juvenile executions.

In conditions that Philip Lutter, director of North African and Middle Eastern research, Amnesty International, in response to the announcement of the execution of Zeinab Sakavand, has stated that with the execution of Zaynab Sakavand, Iranian regime officials have been disgusting their disregard for juvenile justice and international human rights law.

In such circumstances, Ms. Mogherini just sents a Spokesperson to the European Union and Ms. Mogherini says nothing!!!!

In such a situation should be from Ms. Mogherini asked how much do you get from the mullahs for your silence?

Do you want to wait for the overthrow of the Mullahs and show your actions to the people like the Nazi collaborators in Germany or the Fascists in Italy? Why did not you stop this stupidity? As far as you want, your hands are infected with Iranian youth. Any silence and pleasures you and your companionship in Europe with the mullahs blood from the people of Iran and the region, followed by Europe and the rest of the world

In such a situation:

Terrorists linked to the mullahs regime are arrested in Europe and in the port of Dunkirk, they gain weapons! And their relationship with the mullahs is very clear

Where is this European Security and Foreign Relations Officer?

The rabbits sleep under the rituals of the mullahs !!??

In such circumstances, will blocking this law keep things going?

This week, Brussels went a step closer to establishing the so-called blocking sanctions law. A law aimed at protecting European companies against US sanctions against the Iranian regime.

The law disputes court decisions and actions by the US government in relation to sanctions against the Iranian regime in Europe. The law also prohibits the suspension of trade relations with the Iranian regime due to foreign sanctions for companies based in Europe.

The goal of the European Union is to protect European companies against US sanctions and to persuade the Iranian regime that it is still in the interest of its economic interests.

Shameless Ms. Mogherini acknowledged, “This is a difficult task because the weight of the United States in the world economy and financial system is definitely remarkable. But we are determined to maintain this agreement. ”

Appeasers, you foolish and criminal attempt to do your own! but, but be careful, the sun will not rise always in your favor

Experts say the EU moves are unlikely to have the desired effect

Even if they use a system of alternative options offered by the European Union, Russia and China, each customer will still be vulnerable to secondary sanctions to buy oil from Iran …

The largest oil traders like Vitol Group, as well as Trafigura Group Pte Ltd, based in Europe, are mainly trading with the US dollar and staying in business in the United States, avoiding such risks and risks.

Gunvor Group Ltd, a group of oil companies with 2.7 billion barrels of crude oil and crude oil, opened its doors to the United States in Houston, Texas, and the Stamford Canticette, said it will not enter oil deals with Iran soon…

A spokeswoman for Gunvor Group Ltd said: “Gunvor Group Ltd is not dealing with Iran. We comply strictly with all relevant international sanctions and will not deal with oil or any other product with any country, including Iran, whose deal with them means a violation of sanctions. ”

Informed people with plans and plans said that Vitol Group and Trafigura Group Pte Ltd also have no plans to use the proposed payment channel proposed by Mogherini.

What do you think? I think Burning nose smell is from the European Security and Foreign Relations Office.


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