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Democrats Embarrassing Themselves On A Whole New Level #SOTU

Tuesday night Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union Speech and reminded everyone that when the time comes even he can act like proper President. While President Trump’s speech called for the country, its people and both sides of the Government to become united to make America even more Successful, Prosperous, and Rich – Democrats had something entirely different on their mind.

It’s been over a year now that Democrats have continuously found new ways to divide the country, embarrass themselves and hindering the growth the Country. The Democratic Parties embarrassing and downright childlike behavior was on full display throughout President Trump’s speech as they alienated even more of the country in an ineffective attempt to garner support and sympathy from Extreme Left-wing supporters.

While President Trump took this prestigious opportunity to talk about the better of the Country, their Flag, Freedom and Union of the Country, the Democrats carried on their childlike protests. All this was without a doubt an attempt to please the far Left-wing which would rather throw slippers at someone who they don’t agree with as opposed to having a proper conversation.

If being disrespectful to the President of the Country and alienating more than half its people wasn’t enough, dozens of Democrats refused to stand when the president entered the House chamber. Standing up when the President enters is not a protest against the Donald Trump but rather an insult towards the office which shows just how little consideration Democrats have for America. Rep. Bennie Thompson choose to sit in the middle-aisle seat only to turn his back on the president when he walked past – now if that’s not just childish then I don’t know what is.

But that was only the beginning, Democrats constantly scoffed, heckled and groaned all the while maintaining sour faces as if they had eaten raw lemons before coming to the hall while some choose to outright boycott the event presumably to save themselves from the embarrassment. What makes this even more embarrassing and somewhat ironic is the fact that they acted Even Worse than Republicans at President Barack Obama’s State of The Union Speech.

One of the most embarrassing and uncalled for moments of the evening was when President Trump reported that black and Hispanic unemployment were at historic low points which is exactly what every Black and Hispanic Democrats have fought for all these years. Yet, when it has finally happened under the leadership of President Trump, they just couldn’t bring themselves to rise and applaud not only for the president but also every man and women that made it happen.

Democrats have proven in the past that they care more about illegal aliens than they do about their own Americans who they are responsible to protect. The depth of their betrayal to the people of USA was on full display when President Trump offered a path to citizenship for three times as many Dreamers as President Obama had offered but Democrats still couldn’t find it in themselves to accept the victory and bridge the gap they are so determined to maintain.

Football players not standing up for the National Anthem is one thing but when a part of the Government decides not to do the same it’s hard to consider it anything but an act of treason. Democrats’ confusion over when to stand was fully showcased when President Trump suggested Americans should stand for the National Anthem which led to many if not most Democrats sitting idly with sour faces covered with scorn. This naturally not only rubbed Right Wing supporters the wrong but rather everyone in the country that is not biased and only wants to see the country they love to succeed and keep winning.

This isn’t represented in a better way than looking at the results of President Trump’s State of the Union speech. Millions of Americans took a survey that asked them exactly how they felt watching the President’s speech. After such a moving and powerful speech, the results weren’t all the surprising. Almost the entire country agreed with the President’s speech and how he handled himself throughout the whole event. According to CBS News, State of the Union Results:

  • 75% approved, including
  • 97% of Republicans
  • 72% of independents
  • 81% felt Trump’s speech was trying to unite the country rather than divide it

What’s truly a pity is that rather than calling Trump out on the few things he said wrong or made up, Democrats choose to disrespect the Presidential Office, Their Country and The People Of USA. This is something that should have never happened especially from Republicans that believe themselves to be progressive and open-minded.

Democrats even went as far as to keep sitting even when Mr. Trump celebrated historically low unemployment rates, rising stock market and vowed not to forget people suffering from natural disasters.

Overall. Donald Trump managed to deliver one of the best State of The Union Speeches in recent memory which also became the most watched Speech in history with the majority of Americans – both Republicans and Democrats – siding with Donald Trump while the Democrats were content with embarrassing themselves, the American People and their own beliefs internationally yet again.

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