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 Required Components to a democratic alternative in Iran

democratic alternative Iran

 Required Components to a democratic alternative in Iran

On Monday, the second of July, anti-terrorism police from Belgium, France and Germany in a joint operation arrested several people on charges of acting for terrorist operations. The commander of the operation was an Iranian diplomat who was arrested in Germany.

The announcement and failure of the operation was welcomed by the resistance movement of Iran and public opinion of the free world.

It is clear that the regime does not see another opponent for itself except for the resistance of Iran and the PMOI.  Therefore the regime, intends in all possible ways to destroy this movement.

A deeper examination of this terror attempt reveals the extent of regime’s weakness in dealing with the resistance forcing it to come out in the open with such acts.

What is striking is that this time the regime did not deploy its proxies such as Hezbollah for the job, but it acted directly on its own just before a trip by its president to Europe.

The regime’s downfall seems inevitable considering the mounting pressures against it. The uprising continues and the regime is unable to respond to the most basic needs of the people. Additionally, the sanctions continue to grow and isolate the regime internationally.  So, the main discussion remaining is the alternative to velayat-e faqih.

In this regard, the advancement of the National Council of Resistance and the Mujahidin is not an accident or a miracle.

A chain of timely scheduling, correct analyzes, well thought-out actions, in addition to  paying the price for them, has delivered the Iranian resistance to this point today.

We can’t never forget the fact that those who admit the prominent presence of the resistance in the political scene of Iran today totally denied its very existence up until now in order to appease the mullahs.

During all these years, the resistance and the Mujahidin, ignoring all the rumors and negative publicities, continued their fight to establish democracy and overthrow the regime.

Free Iran Rally In pairs 2018 

After the US government removed the terror tag placed during the appeasement era on the main force of the Iranian resistance MEK in 2012, the curtains fell.  The deceit of the mullahs in Iran and its lobbies abroad vanished. And therefore, the image they were portraying of the MEK such as “a small gang”, “lack of social support”, “a group of old people with no future”, and “tools in the hands of great powers” proved to be false.

Speech by Maryam Rajavi, At the NCRI’s annual Gathering in Paris, June 30, 2018

Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the resistance, explicitly stated in a part of her speech at the largest gathering of Iranians: “These days, an industry of concocting phony alternatives has become prevalent in the political arena, of course copying and pasting aspects from others. And this in itself is another sign of the phase of the regime’s overthrow. But the crux of the matter is how they are going to actually bring down this regime in practice. This question is especially relevant as the blood of the martyrs has permanently and historically blocked the path to reform within the clerical regime and the return of the monarchy.”

“Now, if one can topple this regime without an organization and leadership, without overcoming thorny trials, and without paying the price and making sacrifices, we say: Please, go ahead, don’t delay.

“If one can restore the people’s sovereignty without a history of fighting against two regimes, without drawing boundaries against dictatorship, subordination and dependency, without waging a nationwide resistance and offering a galaxy of martyrs, without challenging the principle of the velayat-e faqih and phony regime “moderates,” we say: Please, go ahead, don’t delay.

“And finally without a tested leader, who has guided this ferocious struggle for five decades, if all this could instead be done overnight, we say: go ahead, the ball is in your court.

“But let me say this: Such a fantasy is only possible through an Iraq-like occupation, or in other words through a foreign intervention. The aftermath of this scenario is already known.

“Over the past 40 years, all those aspiring opponents who were nonetheless unwilling to pay the price have had opportunities to test their luck. But the hard realities and real experiences have shown that this dark and evil regime will neither be reformed nor turn ‘green’ or ‘velvet.’

“The overthrow of this regime inevitably requires a willingness to pay the necessary price, it requires the practice of honesty and sacrifice, it requires an organization and a sturdy political alternative, and it requires the organization of resistance units and an army of liberation.

“Nevertheless, as Massoud Rajavi said in the context of evaluating the January uprising: ‘We are not in competition with anyone seeking to assume power. On the other hand and most certainly, no one can compete with the PMOI when it comes to practicing honesty, sacrifice and paying the price.’

“16 years ago, the Iranian Resistance adopted a plan called the National Solidarity Front for the Overthrow of the Ruling Religious Dictatorship and declared that it was prepared to cooperate will all forces who want a republic, who are committed to the complete rejection of the velayat-e faqih regime and who struggle for a democratic, independent Iran, based on separation of religion and state.

This is the experience of years of resistance that Maryam Rajavi, with such certainty, opens the door for the overthrow and freedom, and this is the face of the real alternative for a democratic change to replace the religious dictatorship in Iran.

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