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Deadend Khamenei!!!

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Yes, really, the regime is stuck in a dead-end situation!
And this is the natural reaction that Khamenei has shown that has no deadlock
So whoever has said that the mullahs are deadlocked, when he says he means:
The situation in a much worse state than we would have thought that

The “dead end” has become the key to Khamenei’s speeches; he emphasizes on this key to convincing everyone in the system that there is no “dead end”; in other words, he tries to prevent the despair of the integrity of the system towards the future and Survive.

Accession to the Counter-Terrorism Convention was approved by the parliament, but what is more than ever recorded is the depth of the struggle of the factions in the context of the uprising and international siege, another sign of the stalemate that Khamenei is running away from.

The truckers protests and strike continued in more than 310 cities in 31 provinces across Iran for the 18th consecutive day on Wednesday October 10, 2018 despite the arrest of a large number of them, as the truck drivers are demanding their fundamental rights and paychecks that have been plundered by the officials of the mullahs’ regime. international siege, another sign of the stalemate that Khamenei is running away from.

This new round of protests and strikes by Iran’s truckers proves yet again that this regime can be brought to its knees and overthrown.

Adding to the truckers’ momentum, store owners and bazaar merchants across the country launched a strike on Monday, October 8th. This new protest came based on a previously made call for shops to close on this day.

Around 50 cities, including Tehran, Ilam, Yazd, Gohardasht, Qazvin, Varamin, Javanrud, Mahabad, Qom, Maragheh, Abhar, Mobarakeh, Saravan, Karaj, Shahriar, Shahreza, Rasht and dozens of others were witness to this sweeping movement

On Sunday, October 14, Iranian teachers from over 50 cities across the country launched a nationwide strike protesting poor economic and living conditions and heavy security measures imposed in their schools. The protesting teachers are also demanding the release of their imprisoned colleagues. Students in various cities are showing support for their protesting teachers. As the nationwide strikes continue to grow, the flare of public anger and hatred towards the mullahs regime gradually widens more than before.

“Relations with Europe”, balm or injured day of wounds?

The relationship with Europe, which has always been a tense regime that has intensified battles and battles, has reoccurred these days when the European Union’s call for a new office to open in Tehran has been re-raised.

This debate has been a controversy over the years;

But why are part of the regime afraid of the establishment of the European Union office and are fleeing it? While in the 140 countries of the world the office has offices,

The answer to the question that should be pursued Khamenei deadlock

Extradition to Belgium

The news was brief; Asadullah Asadi, Secretary General of the Iranian Embassy in Austria and, most importantly, the European Information System Coordinator, was returned to Belgium on Tuesday 9 oct. Earlier, Day 1oct, the Supreme State Supreme Court in Bamberg, Germany, agreed to extradite Asadollah Asadi to Belgium.

This is another reason why Khamenei says we have no deadlock

Iran Regime Top Officials Point to Chaos in Their Ranks

The Iranian people’s widespread discontent towards the ruling clerical regime is continuing and the regime is realizing that its tactics to silence the people into submission are not working. The people are very clear in their demands for regime change and they have been highly critical of the regime’s key figures including President Hassan Rouhani and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. During recent protests and demonstrations, people have been heard chanting “Down with the regime” and “Death to Rouhani” and “Death to Khamenei”.

“We cannot run the country with policies dating back to the first years after the 1979 revolution (…) the status quo has become so critical that Mr. Mesbah Yazdi (a high-ranking member of the regime close to Khamenei) says we have less than five friends across the globe,’ she said and pointed to the stagnating situation: “We must accept the fact that we made mistakes. If the policies were correct in the past, they’re not so now. We have no other choice.”

Mostafa Tajzadeh, acting Minister of Interior under the administration of the regime’s former President Mohammad Khatami, said that the Supreme Leader is at the center of the problem. He said that the revolution became a dictatorship and it rendered the political system useless.

“The first and biggest mistake of all (…) was including the supreme leadership position in the constitution (…) the revolution steered away from being a republic to more of a despotism. In the constitution, we have provided vast authority to the supreme leader, without holding the individual accountable (…) This is enough to make the entire political system completely ineffective,” he said.

Not long ago, it would have been unheard to hear top officials speaking out against the regime. But this just goes to show that the leadership of the country is in tatters. There is no coherence and it is in a desperate situation.

Former officials of the Ministry of Intelligence, Ali Younesi, said: “I advise those in the Intelligence Ministry not to stand against people. Inside the country, be very careful to avoid taking measures against people.”

However, it is too late for such advice. There is nothing the regime can promise that would make the people of Iran change their minds. They want freedom, equality, human rights, and respect and they know that they will never get it from the clerical regime.

Approval of accession to the Anti-Terrorism Financing Convention

On Sunday, October 7, the House of Commons was the venue for a two-party conflict over the adoption of one of the four FATF bills. Which ultimately led to the adoption of the bill on the accession of the “Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran” to the Counter-Terrorism Financing Convention (CFT).

actually, we find front our faces this question: why Khamenei need it? doesn’t know CFT equal what is for him and his systems?

Indeed he knows very well, but he hasn’t any choice never at all because if he does not accept CFT, falling everything

Indeed, why he has neither way nor way back؟

That’s because:

Tetr- Bills

The system is against a time slot. The FATF Financial Action Task Force, which is responsible for overseeing the financial exchanges of countries, has suspended the regime’s entry into the two international conventions and the revision of two domestic laws by October.

Rouhani’s government sent four parliamentary bills to answer this request:

  1. Bill on Amendments to the Anti-Money Laundering Law
  2. Bill on Amendments to the Anti-Terrorism Law
  3. Accession to the International Countering Terrorism CFT Convention
  4. The accession bill to the International Convention for the Suppression of Transnational Organized Crime (or the Palermo Agreement)

But so far only a bill passed by the parliament and the Guardian Council has passed.

The bill to amend the law to combat terrorist financing is the only bill approved by the Guardian Council.

Earlier, the “Assembly Expediency System “, in a letter to the Guardian Council, considered the National Security Convention to be incompatible with the Convention for the Suppression of Transnational Organized Crime (Palermo Convention).

Information :

“Guardian Council”: a body which oversees legislation and issues in the country and all its members are elected by the supreme leader

Assembly Expediency System :The members of this assembly, composed of the president and the head of the judiciary and the speaker of the parliament, the representative of the Assembly of Experts, the election of the leadership, and a number of representatives of the country’s leader and all elected by the system under the supervision of the leader.

The work of this forum is to resolve disagreements between the three powers or to decide on some important issues that play the role of adviser.

Continue Article:

In August, Khamenei site’s published a report on a meeting in which one of the participants, in the words of the foreign forces of the system, expresses concern about what the fate of the system will be. Khamenei replies: “We are not at all worried about our situation, no one can make a mistake, be sure, there is no doubt in this direction; tell this to all.”

Khamenei earlier said during his speech at the Basij gathering at Azadi Stadium: “We have economic and fiscal problems such as the” oil economy “,” the weak culture of saving “and” lavish “in society, but these are not real problems, The real disadvantage of “deadlock” is that there is no deadlock in the country. ”

Wali Faqih added: “The enemy wants to summon the Iranian nation that is deadlocked in the country and there is no other way of kneeling and surrendering to the United States.” [Khamenei October 4th news website]

So this question is raised again: when Khamenei says that the regime is not deadlocked and “no one can make any mistakes”, what is its audience?

Khamenei made three lectures during the three lectures:

  1. Non-Iranians of the system
  2. The Basij and the Revolutionary Guards
  3. The forces of the forces and the three powers of the regime

In other words, the totality of the system feels that the system is in a state of impasse, and there is something in the way, so Khamenei sees himself urgently needing to tell them that he is not deadlocked and that nothing will happen.

From the internal dialogue of the system one can conclude:

Morale within the system is seriously weakened.



This is all the while the major sanctions have not yet begun.

But perhaps more accurately, we need to look at the impasse of the system more than the sanctions, by identifying its internal causes.

The worst situation that has been created for the regime in less than a year hastily, not the re-start of sanctions, which are the rise and deepening of the conflict between the majority of the society and the mullahs’ rule.

The same thing shows itself in the uprising of Iran with its extensive and massive strikes.

In such a situation, the Hezbollah worshipers of Lebanon to the Basijis and the leaders of the regime will all understand that something has changed.


Mullahs are facing new problems due to the following reasons

  1. The uprising of the Iranian people
  2. US withdrawal from the nuclear agreement
  3. Restart sanctions
  4. Fear of increasing international pressure
  5. While the oil sales of the regime are worse than bad

First of all, he wants to take a little pressure from himself, for this, it has a few permanent methods

First, the production of a new crisis, whether internal or international, to escape the previous crisis

Second: terrorist acts against his own opposition, both inside and outside the country

Third: work with his own lobes like Mrs. Mugirini and so on to produce pressure escape strategies, such as the story of the adoption of the CFT Bill

This method has gone forward for years with the cooperation of a dirty coalition from the regime’s foreign mercenaries and money and oil enthusiastic politicians, but now that the conditions have changed and the mullahs regime has to give its price for everything, it’s a different matter.

“Turkey and Italy are the last buyers of Iranian crude outside China, India and the Middle East, according to tanker data and an industry source, the latest sign that shipments are taking a major hit from looming U.S. sanctions.”— Richard Goldberg (@rich_goldberg) October 15, 2018

Yes, really, the regime has stuck in a dead-end

And this is the natural reaction that Khamenei has shown that we have no deadlock

So whoever has said that the mullahs are deadlocked, when he says he means:

The situation in a much worse state than we would have thought that



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