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Brett Kavanaugh Saga: so far so good for the Republicans

Brett Kavanaugh is in hot waters following the accusations of sexual misconduct from different people during the Judge’s college and high school days. A fresh inquiry against Kavanaugh has started following the allegations of sexual harassment by three different people.

One of these women has already testified against him before a Senate panel, while President Trump has given a green signal for a new probe against his own Supreme Court nominee.

Despite repeated allegations, Kavanaugh has categorically denied being a part of these misconducts. While President Trump has given an open hand to the FBI for the week-long investigations which started last weekend, however, there are reports that the premier had asked the FBI to question no more than four witnesses.

The accusations have provided the Democrats with the chance to delay the voting so that the investigation authorities can probe President Trump’s nominee, and on the other hand, the Republicans are defending Kavanaugh in a bid to get him picked.

The Three Accusers

  1. Christine Blasey Ford – Ford is a professor at Palo Alto University who wrote to Senator Dianne Feinstein and Republican Anna Eshoo, revealing about the sexual assault by Kavanaugh when he was 17-year-old, describing him as a ‘stumbling drunk’ who she thought ‘might inadvertently kill’ her as he pinned her down and harassed in front of his friends.
  2. Deborah Ramirez – Deborah is a former class fellow of Kavanagh at Yale University who reported to have been assaulted by the Judge when he was a freshman in 1983-84. According to her, Kavanaugh exposed himself before her in the dorm when she was drunk, however, according to her, she remembers this incident vividly despite being drunk.
  3. Julie Swetnick – Another victim of Kavanaugh’s sexual assault, Julie Swetnick came forward saying that Kavanaugh must not be allowed to hold a position at the Supreme Court ‘because from what I experienced first-hand I don’t think he belongs on the Supreme Court’. She signed a declaration, stating that Kavanaugh displayed physically aggressive and abusive behavior towards girls in the 1980s house parties where girls like her were gang-raped.

It remains to be seen how the investigations unfold and the results come out after the week-long probes. Until then, nothing conclusive can be said about whether Kavanaugh was at fault or the women, who have been shown support for speaking against such acts, are misleading the investigators.


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