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Blue Bird goes Phishing!

My Twitter account was suspended. After following the instructions on Twitter’s page, I was emailed by Twitter support to provide my personal government issued ID or Passport for verification. Requiring a user’s ID is not mentioned as a requirement to have an account unsuspended. How will Twitter verify my account when I have never provided them my ID hence my account was not a verified one.

If you read Twitter’s policy agreement you will find that Twitter gathers all our information such as location and personal data including your private DMs.

My personal account was not the only account suspended that day (you can read about that here). Twitter suspended 8 different accounts with different emails and phone numbers used to open and secure those accounts. Twitter knows all our accounts. It seems that Twitter used metadata form our IP addresses and GPS location to determine which accounts are linked closely together eventually closing all our Twitter accounts without violating any twitter agreement. Suspension emails were sent with blank reasons for suspension.

Under the user agreement, Twitter is permitted to store our information. They are also permitted to sell our information. The big question is who is buying our personal data. Some of the direct buyers might be acting as middlemen to sell our data to criminal organizations which will use the data to track and eliminate journalists and political opposition figures.

Twitter has asked me to provide them with my official government ID or Passport and I have replied questioning why they would need such documentation since they already have my phone number and email used to open and secure the account. Furthermore, most Twitter users are not using their real identities to remain anonymous on twitter which is their legal right. How can such a demand for an official ID be used to verify the user unless Twitter wanted to gather more information from its users while not legally allowed to require such documentation unless the user is requesting his or her account is verified.

Twitter support has not yet replied to question. This article will be updated if or when Twitter support replies to my email. Let us hear in the comments section what you think of our situation. Also, remember we are all one team against fake news and the MSM. The Herald Report does not need to be on social media. We are powered by the people for the people.

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TheSame March 3, 2019 at 8:24 am

Twitter does NOT know about all accounts. I’m on number 10, each previous one being suspended because I dared question a libtwat.


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