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Sword Art Online ” SAO ” (season 1) is an anime about a virtual reality game and thousands of people are trapped in it they can’t log out, so they basically have to live in that virtual reality world until someone beats the game. The...

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Nanatsu No Taizai review

Nanatsu No Taizai or The seven deadly sins is an action/comedy anime. The story revolves around a princess and 7 knights that were framed of...

Herald Gadget

Beware of Technology !

Technology can be very productive for our daily lives but at the same time can cause great harm.  To put it simply, Technology has evolved to such a...

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eSport Takes The Stage at TGS

NOTE: this is a re-post because we lost the original article somehow. CHIBA, Japan – In those times when people preferred to play alone, Japan had a...

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