The Iranian Revolution

Another Knock to Iran Regime’s Terrorism Network

By Hossein Gandomy

In the last 4 decades, the Iranian regime became very comfortable with the West’ problematic appeasing policy towards its terrorism operations in the west and around the world. This was and still is entirely against the Iranian people’s best interests. And now we see the Iranian regime bringing its agents who happen t be diplomats to terrorize Iranians living peacefully in the very same western countries they fled to in the first place.

However, Iranian resistance abroad didn’t desist following the disclosure of the Iranian regime’s terrorist network abroad. In fact, the resistance became stronger after the revelation of the Iranian regime’s diplomat terrorists in various embassies were exposed, These diplomats were either the agents of Ministry of Intelligence (MOIS) or the Iran IRGC Qods terrorist force This was officially confirmed through the world’s prestigious media outlets who happened to be in the midst of many regimes’ diplomat terrorists’ targets .

Arresting Iran regime’s diplomat terrorist named Assadollah Assadi in Germany last month, highlighted the regime’s tactics in terrorist activities against the Iranian resistance. This is n addition to unveiling the mercenary making style by the regime to do terror acts against the Iranian resistance abroad.

But arresting two Intelligence Ministry agents of the mullahs’ regime in the U.S. unveils a new technique and style against the Iranian resistance. Following this, NCRI has published a statement in this case with a lot of important matters which showed many regime’s terrorism styles’ details abroad.

Iran regime’s terrorism face to face to the world and public opinion

Recent arresting of two regime’s agents in the U.S has too much noise in Media, and everyone reveals some sides, explanations, examples, and Interpretation of the regime’s terrorism activities.

(one of the two Iranian regime’s agents who was arrested was a MOIS agent) named Majid Gorbani had his lawyer request the Washington court to temporary release Gorbani but the judge refused the request. In fact, the prosecutor requested 75 years for another regime’s agents, Ahmad Reza Mohammadi Dostar, who is scheduled to go on trial in Chicago.

U.S. Department of Justice statement says: Doostdar and Ghorbani act as Iran regime’s agents and serve to the regime. Iran regime considers MEK as its main opposition and tries to destroy them.

According to a DOJ press release, in September 2017, Ghorbani, a resident of California, attended an MEK rally in New York and photographed participants, who had gathered to protest against the Iranian regime. Ghorbani later contacted Doostdar and delivered 28 photographs of dissidents to him, for which he received $2,000 in cash. Ghorbani’s photos also contained hand-written annotations identifying the individuals who appeared in them.

Doostdar appeared in a Chicago federal courtroom waiving an identity hearing and will be also taken to Washington.

The federal charges are accusing the two men of being deployed by the Iranian regime to target members and supporters of the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK. The intelligence they are accused of gathering focused on events held by the Iranian Diaspora in support of the PMOI/MEK, according to an FBI agent who worked on the case.

A YouTube video of one of the speakers, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, clearly shows Ghorbani in the audience, holding up a mobile phone and filming the event, according to U.S. authorities.

According to the text of the indictment, this spy operation against the PMOI had taken place from at least March 2017 and “the Government of Iran considers the MEK to be a primary opponent of the current regime, and has sought to eradicate the MEK.


What do all these pieces of evidence show? And where do they come from?

Also, the Main Questions is:

What has forced Iran regime to clearly unveil its terror acts abroad?

Mrs. Maryam Rajavi , Iranian opposition leader and Iranian resistance ( NCRI ) president Elect said in her last speech:

“There is hardly any place left in the world which has remained immune to the regime’s terrorism. Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, the Arab countries, and even Europe and the U.S.

The clerical regime is beleaguered by the eight-month-long uprisings, and by the growing role of the PMOI and resistance units in organizing and leading the revolts, and by the consequences of a plummeting and drowning economy.

To break out of this deadlock, the mullahs sought to target its main Resistance and Alternative.

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