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An Open Letter to President Trump From the Netherlands’ Female Imam

In the name of God, the Compassion, the Compassionate
Dear President Donald Trump,
I hope for you to receive this letter in good health and high spirit.
Allow me to share with you my vision for a successful and safe America and how the Arab world can help you achieve it.
I have read your brilliant book: The Art of the deal, not once, but many times. It has been the cause of many of my successes. I simply apply the principles you have outlined in your book and I get the results: success.
As you might know, the Arab world is going through many challenges. For some, it might seem a never-ending cycle of violence, poverty, and war. But as a student of yours, I know that opportunity is in every corner. You just need to grasp it. 
It happened in Europe: in the darkest period of the Middle Ages, when pests broke out and continuous wars, that was exactly the moment that the Renaissance burst out in Italy and Spain and later the rest of Europe.
A safe and successful Arab world means also a safe and successful United States. Remember the times when America had a new industry and was in desperate need of oil. It was in Saudi Arabia that the U.S. found a stable partner that brought the Great American industry to a bloom. 
An unstable and unsuccessful Middle East that is tormented by wars and famines, like what is happening now in Yemen can be a disaster to the American industry. 
The Arab world is a great partner to America. I don’t need to remind you that it was an Arab country, Morocco, that was the First Nation in the world that welcomed and supported the newly independent America into the world.
Arab- American relations are old and deep. And our successes depend heavily on each other. This is why we are cheering for an America that is Great again.
But you must also understand that a Great America needs a Great Arab world!
I will get directly to business with you! Underneath are my 5 steps for success in the Middle East. This means success in Israel, this also means success for America.
1. The Palestine-Israel conflict can be solved. You know that, that is why you are planning the ‘Deal of the Century’ in the hands of the talented Jared Kushner. It is a great idea to think out of the box as he is doing. Palestinian entrepreneurs are much more inclined to book success then Palestinian politicians. An entrepreneur needs to book success to survive, while Palestinian politicians can stay in their place all their lives, even when they fail over and over again to reach the goals they have promised. I know president Trump works with winners only. 
2. Besides working with entrepreneurs make a plan to make America visible in the relief and food aid of Palestinian families. My grandmother still remembered the sacks of corn that were sent by America to help the Moroccan people during WW2. You stopped giving money to UNRWA. They did a terrible job in many ways, America can do it better. Send American relief to Palestine. This will make them never forget who is their friend. My grandmother had never forgotten!
3. Translate your book ‘The Art of the Deal’ in Arabic and give it to all Arab participants in your peace plan. I am sure the book will work in the advantage of us Arabs!
4. The Yemeni conflict can be solved under the leadership of Saudi Arabia. More then anyone else the Saudis have everything to lose if their neighbouring country Yemen becomes a terror state. Therefore terrorists need to be isolated, cities that are under siege need to be freed. The term ‘Hoothies’ need to be deleted. There are only the Yemeni people and the democratically elected president, the rest are terrorists. And need to be treated as such. Yemen needs first to get rid of the terrorists. After that, the country can create a Vision, with the aide of the legitimately elected government and the Yemeni people.
5. To make the Arab world stable and safe for future generations we don’t just need jobs. We need a VISION. The Arab world is tired and seems to have given up hope. Many flee as refugees or seek economic opportunities elsewhere. This was different in the Golden Ages of the Arab world. We were leaders in science, art, politics, culture, human rights and so on. I want you to help us make the Arab world Great Again. I am working on creating an institute for an Arab Renaissance and I am writing a pamphlet about it. A captain can have a great ship, but it needs a strong wind to sail the seas. That Great Ship is almost ready, but we need a strong American wind to help us. Truman became famous with his New Deal which helped post- WW2 Europe rebuild itself. I predict that you President Trump can go into history as the one who created the Art of the Deal which Kickstarted the Middle East into a new successful Golden Age. This would mean an end to Arab terrorism, an end to the Palestine- Israel conflict, an end to all the Arab wars, an end to Arab refugees and a new and wonderful future. 
I will close my letter wishing you and your beautiful wife Melania a wonderful summertime. May your and my people find peace, harmony, success, joy, and happiness. Our earth is a paradise waiting for us to settle in it. Love is the key for everything. I will pray for love to guide us all in our daily endeavours to make this world a greater, more loving place.
Salima el Musalima
(Avant-Garde Imam)

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