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A cry for Iran Freedom Across The World And In Front Of The United Nations

Could the world finally wake up and recognize the that the Billions of Dollars in propaganda money paid for by Qatar/Russia/Iran is simply a distraction from the plain truth in front of them?  Finally, All ethnicities in Persia are uniting against the Iranian regime. The Regime’s fake war on Isreal holds no weight anymore and it’s use of it’s distorted Shia Ideology has been exposed and now, finally, the end is near.  It is time for the real Persians to gain freedom along with their brethren who include millions upon millions of Arabs, Kurds, and Azerbaijani and Belouch people.

This regime has so many dark secrets as well as well-known atrocities such as the famous 4-month period in 1988, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out the barbaric mass executions of thousands of political prisoners and many unrelated political groups.

There are several social media outlets dedicated to the cause such as https://www.facebook.com/4FreedominIran/  &  https://www.facebook.com/orgiac/

You can also check this site: http://www.oiac-us.com/

Also, check out this post and video:

A report from Amnesty International about this genocidal regime concluded: “there should be no impunity for human rights violations, no matter where or when they took place and all those responsible should be brought to justice, and receive appropriate penalties”.

Please share this Truth and help expose this problem and show the world True News instead of the Fake News they are always watching.

And thank you @POTUS for your support:



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