I am Sajawal Rehman and I am an Investigative Journalist who focuses on World News & Events. I believe in selfless, unbiased journalism and I do my best to dig deep and get to the bottom of the stories. With a special interest in Financial news around the world, I love writing about World...

Mahdavi is an Author, Reporter, and Opposition Activist to the Iranian regime. He writes articles for
You can follow him on Twitter @mahdavi85

A Blogger & Political Activist for a #FreeIran. I write in __ __ __ __

An educated journalist with a thirst for truth and a lust for facts. A tech wiz who loves gadgets and gaming. A cool guy that has a wonderful work ethic and a passion for ingenuity. Subhan Shahid joined the Herald Report as a columnist in 2017. He was a professional blogger for more than 7 years...

My name is Anita, and I'm a UC Berkeley alumna and currently based in Minnesota but from the United Kingdom. I have been actively involved in political reportage since the days of Bill Clinton in the White House and have always kept tabs on political events in the United Kingdom and the European...

Rahim Hamid is a freelance journalist and human rights advocate who writes about the plight of his community - the Ahwazi Arabs - and other ethnic groups in Iran. He has published articles in many well-known media outlets such as the Huffington Post,, The Daily Caller, INTERNATIONAL...

I'm a political activist. #Iran is the most beautiful country ،No to the Mullahs' regime. Freedom ،democracy with #MaryamRajavi

A. Z. Mohamed, born in Cairo, is a U.S. and Middle East-based news and research analyst. His areas of interest are radical and moderate Islam, jihadism and terrorism, deradicalization, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Middle East, Islam and Muslims in U.S. and Europe. He has a degree and training in...

Mohammad S. Alzou’bi, Researcher at International Institute for Iranian Studies
He comes highly recommended to us by some of the best journalists out there.
He is a Fellow at the International Institute for Iranian Studies.

I am the Editor-in-Chief of the Middle East Guardians. Formally I was the Assistant Editor at Herald.Report. What we do at MEG is expose fake news with real evidence and always make sure we provide an eye-opening argument. We exposed CNN, the Washington Post, as we will demonstrate in our first...

Journalist and political analyst focusing on Iranian affairs.
Mr. Nouri Hamzeh currently resides in Stockholm Sweden.

Ali Hajizade is a Political Analyst, Middle East specialist, & Founder & Editor in Chief of
He is also a Columnist @AlArabiya_Eng & @MDiplomacyWORLD
He is the owner of @aztwi From Baku, Azerbaijan.
He tweets @AHajizade

Helmet Maroufi is the manager of the Kurdistan Human Right Organization- Rojhelat and Journalist in Roji Kurd center.
Switzerland HQ

Ahmad Hakim, Ahwazi political analyst based In Australia.
He fled persecution in Iran and is now trying to reclaim his homeland and hopes to someday return and build his country with his people.

Reza Fathollanezhad, a Kurdish Journalist and political activist from East Kurdistan region of Iran, who is currently based in Switzerland.
Reza Fathollanejad also works as an editor at Kurdpa, Kurdistan Press Agency.

Mostapha Hassan Abdelwahab, the former editorial manager of the English edition of the Baghdad post. His focus is on Iraqi and Iranian issues.

I’m interested in understanding Islamic terrorism based on the culture of Islamic imperialism. Thus, I am currently a graduate student minoring in peace and conflict studies program at a well-known State University.

Researcher and International law specialist.
Specialist on Iran, Non-Persian nations in Iran and Arabian Gulf

Hamid Bahrami is a former political prisoner from Iran. Living in Glasgow, Scotland, he is a human right and political activist and is a hardened journalist. -- Bahrami has contributed to Al Arabiya English, American Thinker, Euractive, Newsblaze and Eureporter as his work cover’s Iran’s Middle...

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Deadend Khamenei!!!

Yes, really, the regime is stuck in a dead-end situation! And this is the natural reaction that Khamenei has shown that has no deadlock So whoever has said...