Iran: Cyber Repression, How the IRGC Uses Cyber-Warfare to Preserve the Theocracy,

Washington, DC, 15 February 2018—In a press conference in its Washington, DC office, the National Council of Resistance of Iran revealed new details about how the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC), and the Ministry of
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America Will Not Take The Lead In building It’s nuclear Arsenal But Will Follow Others!
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President Donald Trump last Monday had a message for countries building their nuclear arsenals: “If they stop, we’ll stop.” “We’re increasing arsenals of virtually every weapon,” the president said during
President Trump’s Unconventional Stance On Iran, Wining Him The Love Of Many Americans
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Donald Trump, the President of the United States, has never been reserved about his dissatisfaction with the Iranian nuclear agreement. It was his favorite jab during the election campaign, proof

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So what Is President Donald Trump Planning in regards to Iran’s Nuclear Deal?
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The US President, Donald J. Trump, has been very active ever since he’s taken charge as the President of the States. From Afghanistan to Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia, he
What Actually happened when The King Of Saudi Arabia Visited Russia?
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Saudi Monarch, King Salman has landed in Moscow about four months ago and it was the first time ever a Saudi Crown Prince has made the trip to Russia, making

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Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, Florida saw the worst of humanity as a former student named Nikolas Cruz – a 19-year old expelled on disciplinary grounds – opened fire on innocent lives earlier this week on Wednesday. With 17 confirmed casualties, the whole United States, as well as the rest of the world, is in shock.

The gunman started firing outside the school in South-Eastern Florida with his semiautomatic AR-15 rifle, killing three people, following which he entered one of the buildings in the school where the lunatic unleashed a storm of gunfire. 5 people are reported to be severely injured in the heartening incident which rocked the Parkland town just before the school time was over at 2:40 pm local time.

Social media is stormed with messages of grief and sorrow for the departed souls, demanding justice from the authorities. Let’s have a look at how people are sharing their emotions over the microblogging platform Twitter.

Let’s start with President Trump. “No child, teacher or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an American school”, says the Republican while offering condolences to the victims’ families.

Prayers for the departed souls.


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Rising Number Of MPs And Their Indiscretions Is Getting Rather Alarming
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An increasing number of MPs are being investigated for allegations about their behavior towards women in the past. Former ministers Daniel Poulter and Stephen Crabb are the last Conservative MPs
President Trump Criticizes The NHS, Does he have a point?
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In a not so surprising and somewhat expected move, President Donald Trump has gone on Twitter to attack the NHS by tweeting that it is “going broke and not working” which

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The Brutal Tragedy of Myanmar
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            (A forgotten tragedy) The brutal history of Myanmar cannot be ignored, as if it is trying to hide, but will always re-emerge so vividly. in the last couple
Terrorism Against Muslims in Myanmar That Does Not Get Reported by The Media!
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Ingrid Newkirk once said, “All tyranny, bigotry, aggression, and cruelty are wrong, and whenever we see it, we must never be silent”. The brutal history of Myanmar cannot be ignored,
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Alongside its original budget request, the Trump administration Monday also released the details of what it would recommend doing with the extra money for domestic programs included in Congress’ spending deal enacted last week.

That includes an increase to the State Department, which the administration’s original document proposed to slash by 30 percent this coming fiscal year. The extra cash would go into the budget for the United Nations, humanitarian aid and global AIDS programs. Each of those efforts would have been cut under Trump’s original plan.

The White House’s revised version for fiscal 2019 would also add $1.7 billion to both the Department of Education and the Department of Housing and Urban Development. The money would fund programs like federal work-study and aid programs for households with elderly and disabled people.

A large chunk of the money is reflective of President Donald Trump’s longtime policy wish list, such as an extra $10 billion for anti-addiction and mental health programs, $1.5 billion in worker training and $249 million for more ICE detention beds.

Other funding boosts would simply reverse cuts previously proposed by the Trump administration: the EPA’s Superfund cleanup account, research at the National Science Foundation, icebreakers at the Coast Guard and operations at the National Park Service.

The higher spending levels reflect a two-year, $300 billion spending deal that Trump signed on Friday. That deal, which lifted the government’s strict spending caps for two years, freed up billions in additional dollars for domestic programs.

In the wake of that deal, the White House released an “addendum” to its…


The State Of Racism In America
A LOT more has happened since the Charlottesville rally, notably
Politics Beats Sports As America’s New Pastime
The U.S. has a reality TV host as president, at
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And The Potential Effects of The recent Update which Allows Readers to Rate The News

“We are a tech company, not a media company,” Mark Zuckerberg told students at a university in Rome over the summer. “We build the tools; we do not produce any content.”

To state a fact, Facebook is the obvious news powerhouse among the social media sites. The amount of people for whom Facebook serves as a source of news is continuing to rise. This rise is essential because of the fact that current users come across news on social media sites. Moreover, users are inclined towards each of these prominent social networks to quench their thirst for information.

Pew Research Centre conducted a research in association with the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, regarding the matter. It revealed that a clear majority of Facebook users (around 63%) now say that social networking sites serve as a source for news about events and happenings around the world.

Facebook is by far the largest social networking site, reaching 67% of U.S. adults. The two-thirds of Facebook users who get news there, then, amount to 44% of the general population. Many news outlets grudgingly depend on this social media giant for the bulk of their traffic. The company’s image also soured last year after it was widely criticized for spreading fake news ahead of the US presidential election, and for fostering “filter bubbles” that increase political polarization.

It’s enticing to consider Facebook a source of entertainment only. The Facebook realm has progressed toward becoming capable. For a few, the application is more necessary than a driver’s permit. Individuals require it…

How Food Labels Can Be Harming Messages

Gluten-Free, Free-Range, Cage-Free, Vegan, GMO-Free, whatever the label, you have probably heard about it in one way or another. Food labels can be a very
Lucy T on Herald Opinion / 15, Feb / 0

The Truth About Al-Jazeera And Why We Really Think They Are Very Conspicuous!

Qatar has been under fire lately due to its suspected connections with the Islamic extremist Brotherhood which are being cemented as being the truth with
Subhan Sha on Herald Opinion / 9, Feb / 0

Iran Human Rights Monitor, Monthly Report – January 2018

Introduction The most noticeable development in January was the regime’s crackdown on Iran protests which started from Mashhad, the second largest city of Iran in
Masoud Dalvand on Editorial / 6, Feb / 0

If You Hesitate In Supporting The Iranian Uprising After This Then Your Heart Is Of Stone!

The catastrophe of children’s death due to frostbite in the earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah is painful news. This is happening during these very cold days and
Masoud Dalvand on Herald Opinion / 31, Jan / 2

Iran’s Genocide In The Arab World

There is now no secret that Iran and its advocates benefitted the most from the chaos that was triggered by the plan of former President
Anita Gooding on Herald Opinion / 28, Jan / 1

On Iran Protests, US should not lose sight of the main issue

Historically, political confusions have led to inadequate responses to international crises with disastrous consequences. Today, all the crises in the Middle East are overshadowed by
Hamid Bahrami on Editorial / 19, Jan / 3

Why Doesn’t the Media Ever Mention Saudi Arabia’s Humanitarian Efforts

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest providers of humanitarian aid budgets in the world but due to their wide net of assistance and charities,
Subhan Sha on Herald Middle East / 30, Dec / 0

Want to Defeat Terrorists in Syria? Look at Iran

The United States has 50 special operatives in Syria in order to expand, train and assist the Syrian resistance. The program is aimed at supporting
Sajawal Rehman on Herald Opinion / 30, Aug / 0

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The second largest publicly traded company in the world is currently in negotiations for a joint venture with the largest private company in the world (which would soon by market capitalization become the world’s largest trading company in the world)......
Gooding / Feb 12