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Herald USA

Trump Calls For End Of Russia Investigation
The Herald Report
The congressional committee which is being led by an individual from Donald Trump’s presidential transition team has made a recent announcement in which he said that Trump’s 2016 campaign did
Will President Trump’s Jerusalem Embassy Move Have Negative Effects On Mohammed Bin Salman’s Upcoming Visit To The USA?
The Herald Report
President Trump’s most controversial foreign policy announcement on December 6th saw the holy city of Jerusalem being recognized as Israel’s capital as well as US Embassy to be moved there

Herald Middle East

Rex Tillerson’s Firing and Mohammed Bin Salman’s Upcoming Visit To The USA
The Herald Report
Although the now Former Secretary of State was known to be pushing against Russia and went so far to point the blame on them for using Sarin Gas on defenseless civilians
The message of the National Fire Feast in Iran: Fire is the answer to fire
The Herald Report
Spring and Nowruz are on the way. A few days before the New Year, we will celebrate the National Fire Festival. A celebration of the ancient Persian traditions, which has

Herald Wire

After the extraordinary win of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the re-elections by a massive margin, President Donald Trump had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday morning.

“I had a call with President Putin and congratulated him on the victory, his electoral victory,” Trump stated later that day. At the Oval Office where president Trump was meeting with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, he also told the reporters, “We will probably be meeting in the not-too-distant future to discuss the arms race, which is getting out of control.”

These statements from President Trump came some days after the sanctions inflicted by the White House on Russia regarding its supposed interference in the 2016 election and other “malicious cyber-attacks,” and also showed strong condemnation for its apparent role in a nerve agent attack on a former Russian spy and his daughter on British soil.

Mr. Trump acclaimed that his administration plans on spending $700 billion in the process of upgrading the American military, and also declared that he would not at any cost let Russia, or any other country, to even come close the military…

Herald EU

Refuting The Misguided Activism Regarding Saudi Arabia’s Intervention In Yemen
The Herald Report
The military coalition led by Saudi Arabia has already made it known that it will invest $ 1.5 billion in new humanitarian aid for Yemen, supporting the internationally recognized government
Rising Number Of MPs And Their Indiscretions Is Getting Rather Alarming
The Herald Report
An increasing number of MPs are being investigated for allegations about their behavior towards women in the past. Former ministers Daniel Poulter and Stephen Crabb are the last Conservative MPs

Herald Asia

The Brutal Tragedy of Myanmar
The Herald Report
            (A forgotten tragedy) The brutal history of Myanmar cannot be ignored, as if it is trying to hide, but will always re-emerge so vividly. in the last couple
Terrorism Against Muslims in Myanmar That Does Not Get Reported by The Media!
The Herald Report
Ingrid Newkirk once said, “All tyranny, bigotry, aggression, and cruelty are wrong, and whenever we see it, we must never be silent”. The brutal history of Myanmar cannot be ignored,
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Herald Politics

Saudi Crown Prince, Muhammad Bin Salman is expected to land in the United Kingdom today as a part of his official trip, his first visit to the country after assuming office last year. While the trip may not be welcomed very well by the rights group – protests have been planned across the UK to urge the Prime Minister Theresa May to challenge Saudi Arabia’s role in human rights violations in the Middle East, Yemen specifically, the officials are calling the visit to “turn a new page” in the UK-KSA relations, as stated by UK’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson.

But to be perfectly clear, these groups are mostly funded by Russia to divert peoples attention from its real war crimes in Syria.

Bin Salman’s visit is aimed primarily at courting investors on the back of a barrage of social and economic reforms, while the May also realizes the opportunity to develop a strong trading relationship with the Kingdom having exited the European Union.

While the protestors aim to bash the 32-year old on his role in the humanitarian crisis of Yemen, May’s office is planning to initiate a “UK-Saudi Strategic Partnership Council” which would promote the UK-KSA relationships in terms of trade, education, security, defence and culture while encouraging the Kingdom’s effort to introduce a plethora of social and economic reforms in the past year or so.

May’s spokesperson expressed PM’s delight following the announcement of Saudi throne’s heir to visit the UK as the first major Western destination for the trip. Various business deals are…


Robert Mueller’s Investigation Heats Up
Last Friday, the 16th of February, Robert Mueller, who is
Plenty Of Cash To Throw Around As A Result Of The Shutdown Aversion
Alongside its original budget request, the Trump administration Monday also
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Herald Opinion

I have to confess, I used to be very liberal and had a major crush “politically” on Burney Sanders but eventually went for Hillary Clinton. Even after the elections I still was very liberal. But suddenly, a friend of mine showed me a couple of videos and opened my eyes to some links and resources that made me change my entire worldview. After the revelations of WikiLeaks which I did not trust at first, I swung all the way to the Right. After seeing the Iran deal mess and the drug trafficking Shia militias get help from no other than Obama, I would only be stupid to go on my old path of ignorance. Not to mention all the blasphemous and bloody ideologies they enforce such as abortions which I still support but only in the first two or three weeks. Now as a Muslim, I am told that the left are the ones protecting my rights as a human being but what about the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and Syrians who died because of Obama’s deceitful strategies and policies?

Now that I see the Right’s point of view, I also see so much disinformation and hate being fermented on their social streams and media channels.  Just because the Left fight for Muslims freedoms does not make Muslims bad people. They have so much in common with the Right and even the Far Right. Muslims love Jesus as opposed to the Left’s continuous Mockery of Jesus Christ and Christians and Christianity. Heck, they rarely mock Islam because they want the Right to hate Islam through their…

Mohammed bin Salman UK Visit: Who Is The Saudi Crown Prince, Why Are People Celebrating, What’s At Stake?

Britain readied its trademark Royal welcome for Muhammad bin Salman by rolling the infamous red carpet. The Powerful Leader, who is also the Kingdom’s Defense
Sajawal Rehman on Herald Opinion / 13, Mar /

Trump Sues California Over Sanctuary Laws

The Trump Administration took it upon themselves on the 6th of March to file a lawsuit against California over their sanctuary laws. There are at
Lucy T on Herald Opinion / 11, Mar /

Who Is Behind The Absurd Propaganda Against Saudi Arabia?

Over the years it has become accepted to pour so much hate on a country that has done so much for poor nations around the
Subhan Sha on Editorial / 24, Feb /

Dependence of News organizations On Facebook And Its Effects On The US Elections

“We are a tech company, not a media company,” Mark Zuckerberg told students at a university in Rome over the summer. “We build the tools;
Sajawal Rehman on Herald Opinion / 21, Feb /

How Food Labels Can Be Harming Messages

Gluten-Free, Free-Range, Cage-Free, Vegan, GMO-Free, whatever the label, you have probably heard about it in one way or another. Food labels can be a very
Lucy T on Herald Opinion / 15, Feb /

The Truth About Al-Jazeera And Why We Really Think They Are Very Conspicuous!

Qatar has been under fire lately due to its suspected connections with the Islamic extremist Brotherhood which are being cemented as being the truth with
Subhan Sha on Herald Opinion / 9, Feb /

Iran Human Rights Monitor, Monthly Report – January 2018

Introduction The most noticeable development in January was the regime’s crackdown on Iran protests which started from Mashhad, the second largest city of Iran in
Masoud Dalvand on Editorial / 6, Feb /

If You Hesitate In Supporting The Iranian Uprising After This Then Your Heart Is Of Stone!

The catastrophe of children’s death due to frostbite in the earthquake-stricken areas of Kermanshah is painful news. This is happening during these very cold days and
Masoud Dalvand on Herald Opinion / 31, Jan /

Major Economy News and Events

Herald Economist

HTC is proud to have been partnered with businesses for over 60 years. Operating income‎: ‎TWD 19,8 million (2016) Bloomberg reports that HTC is considering its own mobile operating system to compete with Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. On 21 September 2017, HTC announced.....
SajawalRehman / Feb 19
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President Trump Congratulates Putin On Winning Elections

After the extraordinary win of the Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the re-elections by a massive margin, President Donald Trump had a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday morning.

“I had a call with President Putin and congratulated him on the victory, his electoral victory,” Trump stated later that…