Saudi Arabia and the Barrage of Propaganda Against it !

KSA sends hundreds of thousands of Female students to world wide prestigious universities. While Iran sends hundreds of thousands of Females to prestigious JAILS around Iran.
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What Happened With Sean Spicer?
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     A lot of controversy and rumors are being spread around due to the former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, resigning. Many believe that his resignation is due
Republican Care Act
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There are many issues when it comes to healthcare in America, but the recent attempts to alter the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has been fruitless. However, a

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Yemen conflict; How it all began!
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The Houthis are no different than the Iranian or Syrian Regime in their quest for genocide and destruction.
Why Doesn’t the Media Ever Mention Saudi Arabia’s Humanitarian Efforts
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Saudi Arabia is one of the largest providers of humanitarian aid budgets in the world but due to their wide net of assistance and charities, they are involved in both

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These people are exposing the true nature of the Iranian regime!
Herald Wire Sep 20, 2017

Could the world finally wake up and recognize the that the Billions of Dollars in propaganda money paid for by Qatar/Russia/Iran is simply a distraction from the plain truth in front of them?  Finally, All ethnicities in Persia are uniting against the Iranian regime. The Regime’s fake war on Isreal holds no weight anymore and it’s use of it’s distorted Shia Ideology has been exposed and now, finally, the end is near.  It is time for the real Persians to gain freedom along with their brethren who include millions upon millions of Arabs, Kurds, and Azerbaijani and Belouch people.

This regime has so many dark secrets as well as well-known atrocities such as the famous 4-month period in 1988, the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran carried out the barbaric mass executions of thousands of political prisoners and many unrelated political groups.

There are several social media outlets dedicated to the cause such as  &

You can also check this site:

Also, check out this post and video:

A report from Amnesty International about this genocidal regime concluded: “there should be no impunity for human rights violations, no matter where or when they took place and all those responsible…

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With its fondness for social media and identity politics, the Catalan independent movement is very massive in the 21st century. But in the latest chapter of this struggle, the Spanish
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Hillary Clinton recently visited Wales, where she gave her views on Brexit at Swansea University The former US Secretary of State during her visit to the Welsh Republic, where she

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The Brutal Tragedy of Myanmar
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            (A forgotten tragedy) The brutal history of Myanmar cannot be ignored, as if it is trying to hide, but will always re-emerge so vividly. in the last couple
Terrorism Against Muslims in Myanmar That Does Not Get Reported by The Media!
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Ingrid Newkirk once said, “All tyranny, bigotry, aggression, and cruelty are wrong, and whenever we see it, we must never be silent”. The brutal history of Myanmar cannot be ignored,
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Although not the first time this has happened, Kenya’s supreme court annulled the election results on the grounds of irregularities. In the words of US Donald Trump, the election was “Rigged..”

August 8th, the votes were turned in, and Uhuru Kenyatta was declared the president of Kenya. However, Raila Odinga, Kenyatta’s opponent in the election, cried foul, demanding people to resign or be prosecuted against.

Hearing about this and checking the data, Kenyan Supreme Court Chief Justice David Maraga said the election failed “to conduct the presidential election in a manner consistent with the dictates of the constitution” and declared that the election was “invalid, null and void”. Claiming that another election will take place within 60 days, and had the support of 4 of the 6 Supreme Court judges.

The other two judges dissented, claiming that the investigation failed to prove that the polls were rigged. International election monitors from the EU, the African Union, and even the Ushave not been able to find any significant evidence showing that any fraud had been committed, and urged Mr. Odinga to concede. Odinga stated that this was “a historic day for the people of Kenya and by extension for the people of the continent of Africa. It is now clear that the entire is rotten. It is clear that the real election results were never shared with Kenyans. Someone must take responsibility.”

After the election, protests rampaged the streets. Many people were upset with the election results, and 28 people were killed as a result of the…


The issue with Identity in Politics
As identity politics become center stage, more and more people
Should Sessions Resign?
Sessions is the present Attorney General of the United States,
What Happened With Sean Spicer?
     A lot of controversy and rumors are being
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There is a curious ignorance in Western media about the Huge contributions to humanitarian efforts that KSA has provided over the years.

Saudi Arabia is one of the largest providers of humanitarian aid budgets in the world but due to their wide net of assistance and charities, they are involved in both public and private. Many western news outlets have claimed that Saudi Arabia has not provided any assistance to Syrian refugees which can be further away from the truth.

One of the major reasons for this is because Saudi Arabia has not signed the UN convention on refugees which leads many people to believe that Saudi Arabia does not welcome any refugees into the country. This may not seem like an important fact but it differently plays a big role in this entire controversy. Saudi Arabia officials have already stated claims of Saudi Arabia not welcoming refugees are false and baseless. Most of the accusations being thrown to Saudi Arabia for not housing any Syrian refugees from Western media outlets are due to exploiting a technical loophole on the N high Commissioner for Refugees site. But is there any proof of the claim that Saudi Arabia has made?

Most of the Western news media outlets like the Washington Post CNN and foreign policy getting the information on the Syrian Refugee numbers from the UN high Commissioner for Refugees which states that over 4 million refugees have been registered by the UN high commission of refugees in Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. None of these adjusted in Saudi Arabia or any other Gulf state.

This is where…

Want to Defeat Terrorists in Syria? Look at Iran

The United States has 50 special operatives in Syria in order to expand, train and assist the Syrian resistance. The program is aimed at supporting
Sajawal Rehman on Herald Opinion / 30, Aug / 0

Regime Change in Iran Would be a Blessing for Everyone

The regime of Iran started off 2017 by continuing its inhibitory policies against prisoners and the situation of prisoners is appalling and continues to worsen.
Sajawal Rehman on Herald Opinion / 29, Aug / 0

Did The Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory help Trump win The Elections?

And is there some truth to the matter?
M.H.Aleisa on Herald Opinion / 11, Aug / 0

President Trump is actually getting rid of ISIS, Hopefully!

President Trump once claimed Obama and Hillary were the ones who created ISIS!. In retrospect, ISIS only appeared because of the void left by the leaving
Sajawal Rehman on Herald Opinion / 24, Jul / 0
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Qatar’s Economy: Moving Downhill or Uphill The economic and diplomatic war that has broken out between Qatar and three Gulf Cooperation Council members: Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain has begun to reveal its consequences.  Land, sea and air links:.....
SajawalRehman / Sep 22
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Rumored to cost more $1,200, the Apple iPhone 8 will the most expensive iPhone to date which can be more than a few of us can afford or want to invest in something we’ll be changing again next year. The.....
Sha / Sep 15
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